Fri, Dec 03, 2010
The New Paper
Rabbit-crushing woman confesses
Chinese girls paid to crush small animals for fetish satisfaction
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THE woman shown crushing a rabbit to death in a video clip has gone to the police after netizens tracked her down.

The woman, 26, who's from China and who uses the alias Huang Xu, told police she was paid 400 yuan ($80)
to do it by a group cashing in on people with animal abuse fetishes, reported Xinhua News Agency.

She appeared in a four-minute video torturing a little rabbit under her high-heeled shoes and then crushing the creature to death by sitting on a thick glass plate placed on it.

The video was put on mop.cam, a popular Chinese website, and reportedly drew more than 500,000 hits the first day it was published.

One of Huang's friends told Xinhua that she had been doing this since 2007.

According to the friend, it started innocently enough when Huang put her resume online.

She was contacted by a man who offered her a job of "preparing salad by foot".

All she had to do was to be filmed crushing fruits.

She would get 100 yuan for each attempt.

But soon the man insisted she crush animals such as fish, insects and rabbits, and threatened to release the
videos online if she quit, Xinhua reported.

Huang said she later quit the business anyway.

Police said the group makes such videos to sell to overseas online video companies.

The company has allegedly made 279 animal abuse videos involving cats, rabbits, and fish. The subscription fees for such videos range from US$4 ($5.20) to US$9.00 each.

Legal expert Chang Jiwen told Xinhua: "In Europe and the US, there are laws on animal protection, including
strong punishment for animal abusers. Thus, (such) videos have a market overseas."

Crush fetish

Popular netizen Liusuifeng revealed on tianya.com, one of the most popular Chinese forums, that videos like these were produced by a group of like-minded people named "crushfetish", who hire women to abuse animals.

"I am shocked by these animal cruelty videos and their negative influence on the public, especially the
younger generation, is beyond my imagination," said campaign manager for the International Fund for Animal Welfare Beijing office Hua Ning.

"We call on the Internet supervision authorities to delete all these videos and ban online animal abuse information," the manager said.

"However, in the long term, we expect the expedition of legislation to prevent cruelty to animals."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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