"So between the two - growth against no growth, I have no doubt we've chose the right decision - growth, whatever the inconveniences or competition for space, buses, MRTs, and even schools. But we always give preference to our own citizens."

"Without growth, Singapore will not be what it is and the key to our growth is a government taking right decisions and labour unions, employers, and the government working together. No other country in the world has got this combination."

"To slow down our intake of foreign workers and yet continue to grow and prosper, our local workers must increase their productivity."

"The same number of Singaporean workers must produce more by getting better training, acquiring higher level of skills, working smarter and making a collective effort as the Japanese do to make their companies succeed."

"If we cannot increase the productivity or the output of our citizens, our economy will slow down. We will have a deflating economy, with a series of knock on effects as prices of all assets, including flats will go down... demand will lessen, pay will fall and so will the number of jobs and promotions."

"Then Singapore will discover that instead of many job opportunities and rising asset values, including prices for resale HDB flats, the reverse will happen across the board."

"When this happens, many of our own talents will leave for greener pastures, which will exacerbate the downward spiral and eventually lead to Singapore's decline."

"That is why the government decided in the past five years that it was better to grow the economy and manage the accompanying social pressures rather than slow down the economy. If our neighbours grow and we stagnate, Singapore will face a very different geo-political environment in the future."

"To do well in the next five years, we must raise skills across the board, have enterprise innovation and a restructuring of our industries."

"Every worker has to be re-skilled, re-trained and re-educated to achieve higher standards of capabilities."

"Keep together, work together, grow, so your children will have a better futures, better schools ... Once you have no growth, nothing can happen, and we go down."

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