Thai voters need to make the right choice

Thai voters need to make the right choice

THAILAND - Once again, Thai voters have come to a point where they have to decide if they should follow their heart or their head, or should even bother exercising their ballot if the election is held on February 2 as scheduled.

Of course, all Pheu Thai and its coalition supporters are clear - they will head for the ballot station to vote for their favourite parties and candidates.

But it's the anti-government protesters who are possibly confused about what they should do on that day. Some of them might follow protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban's previous edict that ballot stations should be blocked and those against this government should refuse to take part in all processes of the election. However, yesterday the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) changed its stance, saying that its followers would not block the election but would continue protesting peacefully.

As for those groups that have realised that there are other ways to support Suthep, they will most probably go to the polling booth to cast a "no vote".

Last month, The Nation spoke to some protesters at the Rajdamnoen rally site about the February 2 election and discovered that they were divided into three groups: those who will cast a "no vote"; those who will spoil the ballot; and those who will not show up at all.

Those who favour the "no vote" option explained that they wanted to use their voting right to show their disapproval of the ruling Pheu Thai Party, which still enjoys strong support in the North and Northeast.

The "no vote" option is a clear indicator that a voter exercises his or her right by going to the polling station but declares: "I vote for nobody."

This option is very significant, especially for the upcoming election, even though it could be seen as supporting the caretaker government's stance that favours an election before national reform.

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