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The $8 billion Pioneer Generation Package highlighted differences among MPs, with some cautioning more prudence, while others called for increased social spending. -ST

Pioneer Generation

Parliament: Pioneer fund Bill to be amended following NMP's suggestion
Senior Minister of State for Finance Josephine Teo said that the amended clause would be formulated and tabled at an opportune time. -ST
Preparing for the Gen Z workforce
The Executive Seat explores human resource issues, corporate management and hiring. -ST


Singapore will raise spending to fight crimes: MHA
MHA will raise its expenditures by 11.7 per cent and reach 1.2 per cent of GDP. -BT
Experts respond to Budget 2014

Budget 2014: What you can look forward to

Budget & Me: Old woman receives free motorised scooter

Supper with Teo Ser Luck

Pre-Budget 2014 Conversation Closing Speech: SMS Amy Khor