The $8 billion Pioneer Generation Package highlighted differences among MPs, with some cautioning more prudence, while others called for increased social spending. -ST


This is why the Government needs to consider direct communications as a way of getting the message across. -ST
The Productivity and Innovation Credit is proving popular among firms trying to lift output but the scheme has drawbacks, as Nominated MP and actress Janice Koh noted. -ST
Singaporeans must remain engaged with the world even as the country tackles challenges at home, Nominated MP Nicholas Fang said. -ST
Wheelchair users are not allowed on the ride for safety reasons. -ST
The first day of the Budget debate saw praise for the Pioneer Generation Package from many MPs who spoke, but also wishes for more help and worries over increased spending. -ST
The $8 billion Pioneer Generation Package highlighted differences among MPs, with some cautioning more prudence, while others called for increased social spending. -ST

Pioneer Generation

Senior Minister of State for Finance Josephine Teo said that the amended clause would be formulated and tabled at an opportune time. -ST
The Executive Seat explores human resource issues, corporate management and hiring. -ST
Government pensioners who qualify for the Pioneer Generation Package will continue to receive all the post-retirement benefits of their respective pension schemes. - ST
Hospitals have been training their front-line staff to handle queries relating to the changes. -ST
If one does not understand, it is difficult to feel reassured. -ST
This means finding the right language to relate to them, understanding their unique circumstances, and walking them through every step of the care system. -ST


Ms Lee Bee Wah took profiteering retailers to task for cashing in on the hike in liquor tax to inflate the price of a bottle of beer and on higher sugar prices to charge more for drinks. -ST
The aim is to encourage the industry to actively source granite from other countries in the wake of a supply disruption in Indonesia, Mr Khaw wrote in a blog posting. -ST
Singapore needs "a greater and broader sense of urgency" in its drive to lift productivity, said labour chief Lim Swee Say. -ST
It is ultimately up to businesses to become more productive, says Tharman. -MyPaper
As long as the economy remains vibrant, Singapore will not be a cheap place for doing business, said Mr Tharman. -ST


The recent hospital bed crunch raises serious questions about patient safety and the adequacy of health-care infrastructure, said Workers' Party chief Low Thia Khiang. -ST
The Government intends to bear most of the initial cost of universal coverage, with permanent subsidies to be introduced for lower to middle income groups and an additional transitional subsidy for all. -ST

Tax changes

One was even found to have upped the price by $1.30. -ST
Operator denies profiteering on tax hike and says price may be adjusted. -ST
Kopitiam patron upset over additions to beer purchases. -TNP


It'll also set up fund for special needs poly, ITE students. -BT
Chuan-Jin says S'pore must ensure that it continues to generate good jobs for its graduate job seekers. -BT
But some lament the lack of this mindset among young generation. -ST
The high costs of living and doing business are of such concern to Members of Parliament that two of them called for an official committee to look into cost competitiveness. -ST
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