Shanghai Dragons, of the Overwatch League, Introduces New Player "Fearless"

Shanghai Dragons, of the Overwatch League, Introduces New Player "Fearless"

GUANGZHOU, China, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Dragons wants game watchers to know about one of their new key players, Fearless, from South Korea.

Fearless ready to play
Fearless ready to play

Fearless is not a superstar type, but he gained fans' attention as soon as he landed in Overwatch League. A straightforward young man, Fearless swiftly adapted to American life once he arrived in the U.S. His quick adaptation is what's making him more focused on his job - playing for Shanghai Dragons in Overwatch League.

Fearless of Shanghai Dragons
Fearless of Shanghai Dragons

Born in the country of esports, Fearless had too many career choices, as South Koreans have basically conquered every esport. However, the release of Overwatch fundamentally changed the esports landscape of South Korea. Like many others, he also found himself in the middle of the Overwatch craze. Fearless had never really been into video games before, but he was deeply impressed by Overwatch. "Not until the release of Overwatch had I realised a video game could be so fascinating. I have been deeply in love with it afterwards," he said.

Many South Korean youngsters chase their esports dream by ent9+ering already-established esports titles. However, Overwatch is unique in this matter as it can attract more people into the world of esports. Just like many young esports players of this generation, Fearless went professional because he loves a game. A large number of professionals follow the template of a regular Overwatch League star backstory, as they chose the professional career after being an enthusiastic fan of the game. Fearless' career story doesn't feature many twists and turns but is still indispensable to his growth. As an original player of Element Mystic, Fearless established his play style early on. Being one of the only two tank players in the team, his duty is not only to protect his teammates, but also to be an attacker when necessary. It's not enough to just being adept at playing your hero, if you want to survive in esports league of the highest level. That's how Fearless learns to play aggressively.

A new generation of South Korean parents are more open-minded about esports industry. "They are satisfied with me being a professional and support me a lot. They also bought some gaming gears for me, so I don't have to worry too much," said Fearless. With his family behind him, Fearless moves forward with nothing to fear, all the way to the stage of professional esports.

Fearless is an appealing name. Earlier in human history, people would name themselves after what they seek, because it represented what they wanted and what they wanted to be. Fearless is a true hero of "fearlessness" in the game. Winston is his signature hero, as this mild and friendly gorilla will suddenly burst into rage, causing havoc. However, being fearless is not being suicidal, as playing Winston means having a careful plan of using the ultimate and retreat to safety. That's what fearlessness means: dictate the match by diving into the enemies on every attack.

"The shield and spear of the team," said Fearless about his role in the team. It is quite rare in Overwatch League that a tank player is also a primary damage dealer of the team. Fearless developed his unique playing style during his time in South Korea, which is one of the reasons Shanghai Dragons signed him.

Fearless takes a whole new set of teammates and circumstances as his best welcome to the US. He couldn't wait to start a new life overseas with foreign teammates and expected to be an exciting experience as soon as he knew he was signed. It is every esports player's dream to play at the home of Overwatch esports. Fearless is already one version of the many "Krusher99s" in real life. He has realised his dream of being a professional, and now it's his showtime.

Fearless plays with a teammate
Fearless plays with a teammate

Towards the end of Stage 2, Shanghai Dragons followed other teams in the wave of new signings, bringing in five new players including Fearless. "It's a team in which everyone is trying to work with others," said Fearless on Shanghai Dragons and his teammates. Meanwhile, it is also what Overwatch is about. It is about personal heroic moments, as well as the support of teammates. Fearless says Ado is the closest teammate to him, as they are both South Koreans and are roommates. They support each other like brothers. At the same time, Fearless is already learning Chinese to better communicate with his Chinese teammates, while teaching Chinese teammates Korean as well. Communication barriers are being melted down by efforts from both sides, as they move in together in the game following one simple command. A person worthy of teammates' trust is what Fearless strives to be.

While on a Chinese team, do as the Chinese do. Fearless had a little research in Chinese culture. He deliberately picked number 8 for his jersey, which symbolises luck in the Chinese language, for better luck in the game. It turns out to be working. A new friend to the Chinese Overwatch scene, Fearless won the most popular Winston player in a recent Overwatch League popularity vote, as he is deeply appreciated by Chinese Overwatch fans. Fearless keeps his duty of being the shield and spear to close to his heart. He takes pride in every successful attack and responsibilities for every failed one. Fearless is trying his best to improve Shanghai Dragons and team's morale by his performance.

Laguna Beach impressed Fearless the most upon arriving the US. "I was shocked when I was first there. It's my first time to see such a beautiful beach. Very romantic. I have to bring my future girlfriend here," he said. Although Fearless adapts pretty well to Californian life, he experienced a few sleepless nights in Stage 3. He left messages on social media: "It's obvious that next matches are difficult ones. But only fear of own our can stop us. I hope we can try our best in the next games." Fearless is not only true to his name in the game when he is playing Winston, he is also a fearless hero for every fan of Shanghai Dragons. Who will fan follow if players are afraid of losses? Yes. Fearless is an already mainstay of the team.

Before joining Shanghai Dragons, Fearless didn't earn his first match money until three months after turning professional. To him, victory means more of an understanding of oneself in this journey than a pure delight. To be a trustworthy teammate means too much more than carrying the game. Fearless is just as reliable as he plays Winston. It's the result of the journey that has him waiting painfully.

"I rate myself 6 out of 10," he said. Fearless is humble as he only gives himself a mere "pass". There is a lot to learn in the star-packed Overwatch League. Especially Gesture of London Spitfire, who he looks up to as a tank player. However, Fearless will not give any chances to his opponent next time. Let's wait for the outcome of the journey of Fearless and Shanghai Dragons.

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About Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons is the team led by Chinese internet technology company NetEase, representing Shanghai, China, in the Overwatch League. The Shanghai Dragons' logo combines the team's name and dragon figure to call upon the history of this symbol which is sacred and powerful. Furthermore, red is cornerstone as a theme color for the Shanghai Dragons' logo in order to emphasize its Chinese connection.

Daring to ride the growing momentum, determination and to prepare for the upcoming inaugural season, Shanghai Dragons will work diligently to ensure a great esports experience for audiences, while promoting Chinese esports culture and talent on the world stage as well.

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