Top 10 replaceable jobs by robots

Top 10 replaceable jobs by robots

It is not a new debate whether robots are going to replace humans in certain jobs. A research conducted by Nomura Research Institute, a Japanese think tank, and University of Oxford, showed that in 10 to 20 years, nearly half of the jobs in Japan can be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence, Xinhua reported.

Based on the standards established by researchers, if more than 60 per cent of a job content can be done by robots or artificial intelligence, it can be seen as an 'replaceable job'.

Similar research had been carried out by researchers from University of Oxford in the UK and the US and the ratios of the 'replaceable jobs' were 35 per cent and 47 per cent respectively.

Let's take a look at the top 10 jobs on the replaceable list and see if you are in the 'endangered' industries.


Royal Caribbean International's luxurious cruise 'Quantum of the Seas' has already 'hired' robot bartenders to mix drinks for the visitors on board. The robot named 'Monsieur' knows the recipe for 300 cocktails and can finish making a drink within seconds.


The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) uses robots to dispense medicines.

When the machine receives the subscription, robots are in charge of packing and dispensation.

The robot pharmacists can make sure that the medicines the patients get will not cause adverse drug reactions with the medicines patients are currently taking.

Bomb squad

According to statistics from the US federal government, the country has more than 450 squads dealing with thousands of bomb-related issues each year. Some of the squads have started to use robots in order to lower the risks.


The cleaning robot, iRobot has been around for a while and has been gaining great reputation in households.

Users say that the result of iRobot is significantly better than the traditional vacuum machines. The company has sold more than 14 million iRobots.

Bank teller

In the 16 branches of Coastal Federal Credit Union, clients don't see one clerk as the jobs are done by robot bank tellers.

According to the bank's spokesperson, the introduction of robots led to a 40 per cent decrease of bank teller hires.

Storage manager now has an army of robots working at its warehouse department.

With the help of robots, an employee can scan 300 pieces of goods per hour compared to 100 pieces before.


US Army General Robert Cohen said that by 2030, a quarter of US combat troops can be replaced by robots.

The US army is aiming to transform into a smaller and more easily deployed army and robots are there to help with the mission.


According to analysts with IBISWorld, robots make it more effective when it comes to farmwork such as inspecting ground condition, driving tractors and harvesting crops. Many robots are used now for weeding.


Business reporters and sports reporters are the most replaceable ones. As a matter of fact, a programme developed by Narrative Science has enabled robots to write short sports news for clients.

It is also considered that robots are bad at creative writing so novelists and feature writers do not need to worry about their jobs.


Clients pay millions of dollars for attorneys to do jobs that robots can do better. A company called Balckstone Discovery provides services to look through files and look up phrases and get the meanings using robots.

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