The best games from E3 2015

The best games from E3 2015

Gamers will soon be spoilt for choice. While last year's E3 had very few notable titles for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles, the next 18 months look set to be an exhilarating ride. Unlike last year, very few of the upcoming top-rated games will run on the older PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, so buying a new console will definitely be on the cards for gamers this year. Here are our favourite games from the games conference in Los Angeles

1. Until Dawn
Release date: Aug 25 Platform: PlayStation 4

In this survival-horror game, eight friends are trapped in a remote mountain cabin and soon realise that they are not alone.

Realistic graphics and facial expressions, haunting music and plenty of sudden scares make the game a top choice for those who love the thrill of slasher movies.

What makes this game unique is that you get to play all eight of the characters, and that there are thousands of possible permutations as to how the final story plays out.

As you play, you will have to make choices that will affect how your story progresses.

An example of the big moral decisions: Do you risk your life to save your friend who is dangling off the edge of a crumbling tower, or do you leap away to save yourself?

Some choices - such as whether to be sarcastic or sympathetic to your nagging girlfriend - seem trivial, but all of them can have a huge impact on where the game finally leads.

2. Halo 5: Guardians
Oct 27 Xbox One

Nobody can resist Master Chief, even if he has gone missing and the new Spartans are now hunting him down.

Microsoft has spent a lot on marketing to create an air of suspense over whether our old hero has gone rogue but I suspect that in the end, Master Chief will be like Jack Bauer from TV's 24 - constantly misunderstood by the authorities, but always the hero at heart.

The new hero is Jameson Locke, who leads a fireteam of Spartans searching for Master Chief. Little has been revealed about the plot for the single-player campaign, but from the E3 demo, it looks as if Master Chief's old ally - the alien leader Arbiter - is back.

A new weapon, called the Plasma Caster, shoots balls of energy. It looks like a deadly weapon every player will want to get his hands on. To get up to speed on the plot before the game launches, download the Halo Channel app for the Xbox One or Windows PC and watch the five-episode Nightfall mini-series that casts Locke as the protagonist.

3. Call Of Duty: Black Ops III
Nov 6 PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC

The Call Of Duty series comes out with a new game every year, offering players new ways to make the bad guys go boom.

This year's game promises plenty of new ways to kill. Your hero has special abilities that can immolate the enemy, incapacitate him by making him retch, summon a swarm of fireflies, call in airstrikes, and much more.

You can play the campaign alone or in cooperative mode with up to three other friends. Multiplayer has a brand new look with players being able to choose from nine different classes of specialists.

Each specialist has a unique weapon and ability, although you can choose only one or the other before the match starts. The Outrider specialist, for instance, can equip a bow with explosive arrows instead of using a gun, and her Combat Focus ability is able to reveal the locations of all enemy soldiers.

4. Fallout 4
Nov 10 PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC

It is not about falling out with your parents or your enemies, but surviving a nuclear fallout. That is what the post-apocalyptic Fallout franchise is about.

In Fallout 3, the turn-based role-playing game became a shooter and a turn-based strategy hybrid game. Developer Bethesda extends the magic to Fallout 4, where you emerge from the self-sufficiency of your underground shelter again to return to the ravaged world.

While you will be able to wield many different types of crazy weapons, the new crafting system means that you can come up with really interesting gun creations.

What is most impressive, however, is the fact that Bethesda is launching the game within four months of announcing it - a rarity in the hyped-out video-gaming world where developers announce games years in advance.

For fans of the series, the good news is that your pet companion in Fallout 4 can no longer die.

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