Samsung to launch QD TVs this year; LG plans QD panels for customers. -Korea Herald/ANN
The expo, encompassing some 16,000 square meters, attracted more than 200 companies from over 50 countries and regions. -China Daily/ANN
It said that the claim "seems like an ad for CrowdStrike, which has been alarming people on the threat in cyberspace for quite some time". -Reuters
Malaysia becomes centre of online crime perpetrated by Africans: US officials. -Reuters
Banks are expected to close more unprofitable branches while they invest in mobile and online services for customers who want to bank while on the move. -Reuters
Tactics include telling victims that they have won a prize but would have to pay certain "fees" to claim it. -The Star/ANN
Security firm CrowdStrike Inc said that the group is one of the most sophisticated of the 30 it tracks in China. -Reuters
Those accessing government e-services that involve sensitive data and transactions may soon have to enter a one-time password sent via SMS or security tokens. -MyPaper
The latest report is in line with the previous launch and availability dates of the iPhones. -Hardware Zone
The transition in the TV market from plasma to next-generation LCD or OLED TVs has gained steam. -Korea Herald/ANN