YouTuber managed to get his hands on an alleged piece of iPhone 6's front glass panel straight from the assembly line. -Hardware Zone
Samsung Electronics said it would permanently end business with Dongguan Shinyang Electronics Co Ltd if the allegations are confirmed. -Reuters
Global powers seek to create new rules, norms to their advantage. -Korea Herald/ANN
Websites offering pirated music or movies could be blocked as soon as end-October. -ST
Chinese youth undergo military-style boot camps designed to inject discipline to wean them off their Internet addiction. -TNP
Chinese state media has accused the company of providing user data to US intelligence agencies and have called for 'severe punishment'. -Reuters
The investments came from Sunshine Network and French billionaire Xavier Niel. -ST
A Malaysian politician sparked an online furore after he made a pro-Hitler remark following Germany's World Cup semi-final victory over Brazil. -TNP
The service aims to challenge not just traditional phone carriers, but also to newer, voice-over-Internet services that have sprung up over the past decade. -Reuters
With IPTV rapidly gaining momentum in Korea with 10 million subscribers, digital film platforms are increasing their market share in the film industry. -Korea Herald/ANN