A Malaysian politician sparked an online furore after he made a pro-Hitler remark following Germany's World Cup semi-final victory over Brazil. -TNP
The service aims to challenge not just traditional phone carriers, but also to newer, voice-over-Internet services that have sprung up over the past decade. -Reuters
With IPTV rapidly gaining momentum in Korea with 10 million subscribers, digital film platforms are increasing their market share in the film industry. -Korea Herald/ANN
Symantec is the latest large US technology company to encounter challenges in China. -Reuters
"Our priorities will be adjusted." From how the company is organised to job responsibilities and hires, changes should be expected, according to Nadella. -AFP
The operation is the most successful of the 10 launched to date by Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, based on the number of infected machines identified. -Reuters
Here's how to make full use of OS X Mavericks' Terminal application. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times
Samsung to launch QD TVs this year; LG plans QD panels for customers. -Korea Herald/ANN
The expo, encompassing some 16,000 square meters, attracted more than 200 companies from over 50 countries and regions. -China Daily/ANN
It said that the claim "seems like an ad for CrowdStrike, which has been alarming people on the threat in cyberspace for quite some time". -Reuters