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Legends Of Mora

Developer: DeNA/Blowfish Studios

Genre: Strategy

Availability: Later this month

Price: Free-to-play (iOS)

Everybody wants to build the next billion-dollar game. So it should come as no surprise that Legends Of Mora (LOM) is yet another Clash Of Clans wannabe.

The fundamentals are similar: Build a city, create an army, and protect your city while plundering the cities of other online players. But where LOM differs is that it incorporates plenty of map exploration, just like the classic PC game, Heroes Of Might And Magic (HOMM).

You cannot just recruit as many units as your economy can support, because you have to find additional units beyond your starting band.

With your world blanketed in a "fog of war", you must explore new areas to find imprisoned allies, wandering monsters, and new buildings and enemy castles to conquer.

The shrine, for instance, lets you recruit three new random units every few hours.

The arena lets you challenge the most powerful creatures, the Legends. Beat a Legend and it joins your army.

The plot revolves around an epic battle between the forces of Light and Dark.

I chose the Light with the early build and was soon hooked. My first hero was a dwarven paladin called Iron Guardian.

I also had four elven archers and soon recruited wolves, gyrocopters and peasants to my cause.

Getting my first Legend - a fallen angel called Blood - was a huge boost to my combat strength, as Blood could damage multiple units with a single blast of her special attack.

In battle, you can decide where to position your units, but cannot control their movements once they are in place. However, every unit has a disposition to either attack the nearest enemy, go for the defensive towers or rush to plunder the mines. Every hero and Legend has two passive skills and one active skill, which you can apply in battle to turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Legends of Mora is not just a great made-in-Singapore game, it has real potential to take the world by storm.

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