Try these fun apps

Try these fun apps
Angry Birds Transformers.

Here are apps you may not have heard of yet but are worth a look.


Angry Birds Transformers
Android and iOS: free

Part classic Angry Birds and part action game, Rovio's latest title is perfect for people who crave high-octane excitement in their puzzlers.

Everyone's favourite furious fowl and green pigs are again the stars of the show, this time in Transformers costumes. The Angry Birds belong to the Autobots camp, with the popular Red bird taking on the role of an avian-inspired Optimus Prime.

King Pig as Megatron rules the Deceptihog camp. Like in a classic side-scrolling game, your Autobot of choice runs non-stop from start to finish, blasting enemy green pigs along the way.

In typical Angry Birds fashion, the pigs are holed up in their fortresses and it is your job to identify the structural weaknesses so you can take them down.

As you progress in the game, your Transformers gain special powers, such as switching between vehicle and robot forms, as well as acquiring unique attacks.

If the classic Angry Birds game is getting too mundane for you, this power-packed version might be just make you fall in love with the franchise all over again.

Ready Steady Teddy
Android and iOS: free

A virtual take on the build-a-teddy concept, this simple but highly addictive match-two puzzle game can keep you entertained for hours.

Ready Steady Teddy is easy to play. You only need to match two similar adjoining game pieces to create a new upgraded piece.

For example, matching two blank oval pieces will create a teddy bear's face with eyes only. Match two of those and you get the bear's face with eyes and a muzzle.

As you keep on pairing and upgrading the game pieces, your virtual teddy bear takes shape. Your goal is to create and complete as many teddy bears as possible within the 4x4 puzzle board.

Android and iOS: free

For people who find the pace of match-two games too slow, fire up GeoMatches. A fast-paced, arcade style take on the traditional shape-matching puzzler, GeoMatches is like Tetris on steroids.

A stage begins with a row of shape halves descending rapidly to the foot of the screen. You must arrange the halves in the correct order before the shapes fuse together.

Playing this game requires not only quick thinking but good hand-eye coordination skills as well. The initial stages are relatively easy. But the advanced levels are a challenge even for hardcore gamers.

Save The Chicken
Android and iOS: free

This is an amazing puzzle with a role-paying game twist.

In a fantasy world where fried chicken is a rarity, hungry warriors are eager to get their hands on the delicacy. But fried chicken coupons can be found only deep in monster-filled dungeons, so your task is to assemble a team strong enough to rob the evil creatures of them.

To do so, you will have to ace the game's puzzle board, stringing at least three similar orbs together to create a soldier.

Once you have assembled your team, all you need to do is watch them duke it out with the monsters.

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