WhatsApp to end support for older BlackBerry and Windows OS from Jan 1

Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017
Photo: Reuters

After postponing the plan several times, WhatsApp has confirmed that it would finally end its support for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS devices on Dec. 31.

According to kompas.com, other devices affected by the move are the Windows Phone 8.0 and older versions of the operating system.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp will reportedly still support OS Nokia S40 until Dec. 31, 2018, and Android 2.3.7 or older versions of the operating system until Feb. 1, 2020.


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Users should note that the move does not mean they will no longer able to use WhatsApp on their platform, but some features would no longer work.

"You can still use WhatsApp, but you will no longer able to create new account, or re-verify previous accounts," the company explained.

WhatsApp is said to be taking these measures to prioritize the allocation of its resources to newer platforms.

"The platform [we no longer support] does not have the capability that we need to expand WhatsApp features in the future," it said.

Users of newer BlackBerry devices such as BlackBerry Priv, Aurora and KeyOne will not be affected by the decision, as they use Android operating systems.