Would you rent this security robot car for $10,000 a month?

Would you rent this security robot car for $10,000 a month?
PHOTO: Screengrab from video by Otsaw Digital
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Otsaw Digital is a Singapore startup which developed an autonomous security robot called the O-R3. Built to perform tasks like a security guard, the invention is in line with the government's plan towards making Singapore a Smart Nation.

A Singapore startup Otsaw Digital has developed a robotic security car that comes accompanied by a drone set to go after intruders. 

The O-R3 is a 176 pound (78kg) golf cart-sized robot that companies can use for security patrolling, and can be rented for $10,000 a month.

Although the robot comes with a hefty price tag, its reportedly still cheaper than the cost of hiring four security guards.

And technology is always worth investing in, right?

The automated vehicle comes with the ability to distinguish intruders from regular visitors or employees, made possible by 3D Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors and GPS installed in its system.

According to Engadget, the machine will send a drone after any unrecognised intruders for up to around 100 metres away.

The drone is also especially useful in places unaccessible by the vehicle since it has access to an aerial view to better spot potential hiding places. 

The O-R3 will send a drone after identified intruders.
Photo: Screengrab from Otsaw Digital's video

Besides that, the O-R3 can also perform other patrolling duties such as spotting suspicious objects like unattended bags.

According to Mashable, if the machine identifies a suspicious object unattended for five minutes, an alarm will be triggered and sent to a forward command centre where security will be activated.

The robot also employs machine learning in its system so the more tasks it completes, the better it gets at doing it.

"The more data we feed the robot, the more it learns," Mr Ling Ming Ting, CEO of Otsaw Digital, says.

"There will be false positives [but] as the machine learns, it gets sharper."

Even more impressively, the robot car charges itself if its battery goes flat.

While the O-R3 is built for patrolling duties outdoors, Otsaw Digital is also developing an indoor version without the 3D LIDAR sensors and drone.

However, Mr Ling has expressed that the robot is not meant to replace human security workers. 

"I definitely feel like humans cannot be replaced," he said.

"The robots are just here to complement the humans, but humans should do something more ... of [higher] skills."

Despite so, the technological feat certainly aligns well with our Government's Smart Nation initiative and gives a hint to how our offices will operate in the future. 


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