Japan's 'ghost sushi' is more delicious than terrifying

When you hear the word 'ghost' in a Japanese context, you may immediately think of the movie The Ring (which is not about a ring, apparently).

However, what this sushi chain offers will not give you nightmares, but rather a unique gastronomical experience.

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While it may seem like just a regular bento box filled with rice, there is more to it than meets the eye.

According to Rocket News, legend has it that the 'ghost sushi' used to be sushi chain Kozosushi's popular signature item before they removed it from their permanent menu.

But the restaurant which began operations in the 70's is now bringing it back for a limited time.

The bento box goes on sale for 590 yen (S$7.22) each. But wait, where are the toppings? 


美味しかった~♪【7/1,2,8,9限定販売】 復刻「幽霊寿し」 / 小僧寿し http://ameblo.jp/snow-frake/entry-12289125676.html 昨日(7/2)購入した、小僧寿しの期間限定で復刻販売している『幽霊寿し』。 なんでも、以前TV番組「怒り新党」でも紹介された山口県の郷土寿司で、小僧寿しが1980年代にこの「幽霊寿し」を販売した際、1日約23万食も売り上げた伝説のお寿司とのこと。 一見すると真っ白な舎利のみの不思議なお寿司です。 この舎利(1段目)の下に、具材(2段目)と五目混ぜ舎利(3段目)が敷かれているという内容でした。 2段目にはおぼろ、かんぴょう、とびっこ、黄金いか、むきえび、シーチキン、高菜、いなり揚げ、椎茸、サーモン芯、たこの11種類の具が。 食べる時には全3段全て混ぜ合わせちゃいましたが美味しかったです。 『幽霊寿し』は小僧寿しにて7/8,9にも販売されるそうです。 #幽霊寿し #幽霊寿司 #小僧寿し #小僧寿しの幽霊寿し #sushi

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While some may think that they have been duped into buying a plain box of rice for 590 yen, what they will find underneath all that rice will suprise them.

Poking beneath the top layer of white sushi rice will uncover various ingredients such as salmon, shrimp, octopus, tuna, kanpyo (dried gourd shavings), fried tofu, shiitake and more, according to Rocket News.

According to promotional materials, the bottom layer is made up of rice mixed in with other ingredients.

As Rocket News' reviewer puts across brilliantly, the bento is called ghost sushi because "you can’t see the toppings, you just have to believe they’re there".

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Unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on this ephemeral sushi, it will only be available for sale for four days in July: 1, 2, 8, and 9.

So if you happen to reside in Japan, you have two days left to try this special takeaway box.

Here's hoping they will make it a permanent offering so foreigners like us can try it too.




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