13 simple steps to shedding the pounds

13 simple steps to shedding the pounds

Q. I have developed an insecurity because of my recent 10 lb (4.5kg) weight gain. How can I shed it off quickly?

There are two things you need to remove-your weight gain and your insecurity. But if you think losing the weight will mean losing your feeling of inferiority, too, you're wrong.

You need to love and accept yourself, no matter what and however you look.

Self-esteem is so firmly rooted in embracing yourself. So begin to love and appreciate yourself first. Restore this lost part of who you are. To quote Deepak Chopra, MD, in "The Path to Love," "Mind, body and spirit would unite-this union creates the love you have to give."

Consult your physician first before embarking on a weight-loss programme.

The simple steps to losing weight :

1. Adopt a daily exercise regimen-brisk walking, biking, dancing, running or jogging will do.

2. Throw out all sweets from your refrigerator. This includes cakes, pastries, chocolates, ice cream. If it contains sugar, then it is considered sweet. That's right. These include dried sugared fruits, beverages.

3. Cut back on your carbohydrate intake by 75 per cent. You can start with 50 per cent then work your way up. Definitely, no starchy foods at dinnertime.

4. Remove midnight snacks.

5. Increase your vegetable and fish intake. Reduce or remove red meat and pork from your diet immediately.

6. Increase your water intake.

7. Stay away from alcohol.

8. Speed up your metabolism with green tea and spicy food.

9. Take vitamin B6 and B Complex as a fat burner.

10. Eat slowly. Rushing through a meal adds extra calories.

11. Try fasting on liquids and fresh vegetable juices for 24 hours. This works wonders.

12. Consider taking human growth hormones or HGH. Take it before bedtime, when your metabolism is rejuvenated.

13. Amino acids, arginine and ornithin stimulate the pituitary gland and metabolism.

Note: Check contraindication for arginine (like herpes, schizophrenia). Also, do not give to children.

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