Armless, jobless woman inspires with videos

US - She calls herself Tisha UnArmed. And it’s not because she has no weapons on her.

It's because she has no arms and uses her feet to do a range of daily tasks which able-bodied people take for granted.

Miss Tisha Shelton, 25, was born with no arms. Where her arms should be, there are only small indentations.

She told viewers that there's no explanation as to why she was born that way.

"My mother didn't do any drugs, there was no explosions, chemicals, she didn't dye her hair or anything. There's no reason whatsoever, I just came out, no arms," she said in a video.

In addition, the Missouri girl's right leg is curved and shorter than her left leg by about 20cm - a disability she says "makes a big difference when (she) tries to walk around".

Doctors had recommended that her mother amputate her shorter leg when she was a baby, saying that it would make putting on a prothesis easier.

Horrified, her mother immediately killed the idea, pointing out that her daughter already lacked arms, and did not need another limb taken away from her - a step Tisha said she's extremely grateful to her mother for.

Now, she wears a specially designed prosthesis created to fit the shape of her right heel and foot.

One would think that any other person who has gone through the obstacles Tisha has gone through would have lost her spirit by now, but not so for Tisha.

Far from letting her disabilities get her down, the graphic design graduate created a video blog this summer in a bid to impress employers that her disability is not an obstacle.

Fighting spirit

Fighting spirit

Among the tasks she has demonstrated in the videos doing with her feet include eating, doing make-up and even driving her specially adapted car, the Daily Mail reported.

To put on her pants, for an example, she uses a self-made implement - a hook attached to a rubber tube - to pull up her pants, zip up the fly and even do the top button.

Similarly, she uses various body contortions, and with the help of her chin, toes and legs, manages to go shopping at the supermarket and pick groceries, make a meal and even drive.

“Getting dressed in the morning can be difficult when you don’t have arms. Today I put on a simply outfit that was easy to put on, but the more I think about it, I spend a good portion of my morning getting dressed," she said.

"If I decided to wear a button up shirt or tight pants it would take longer," she shared with her followers on her videos.

Her first video titled ‘Eating a sandwich with my feet’ attracted more than 300,000 hits worldwide in a matter of weeks, prompting her to launch a Twitter account and Facebook fan page.

Unfortunately, while her clips have attracted more than 1.5 million hits worldwide, but that hasn’t translated into job offers.

No job offer

No job offer

She has been looking for a job since June. She told a local television station KTVI: “If I’m going for an interview, they are going to look at me and go, ‘oh, she’s disabled, we have to worry about this."

"How’s she going to take care of the job? I just wanted to ease their mind, and be like, I can do anything that you can do," she said.

To date Miss Shelton, who lives alone with her dog Jack, has posted videos showing how she takes a shower, how she gets dressed and how she drives her car.

Despite not getting a solid job offer, the viral-video star has received numerous offers to film a reality show.

"I was contacted by couple, three or four reality TV shows. Production companies that want to film and pitch my story to other networks," she told reporters.

Tisha said she is open to the idea, and is not wary of letting cameras into her life.

She has also received requests from therapists, doctors and parents of disabled children on the possibility of her becoming a source of inspiration for them.

One out of every 2,000 babies is born without a limb or body-part at birth.

The condition, known as congenital amputation, has no single cause. One common cause is amniotic band syndrome, where the inner fetal membrane ruptures and gets entangled around the fetus.

The fibrous bands of the membrane can get wrapped around the limbs of the fetus, constricting the blood supply and leading to an accidental amputation in the womb.

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