How to lose weight even when you're sitting down all day

How to lose weight even when you're sitting down all day

Most of us spend a large chunk of our day sitting down - whether it's at the office, in the car or while we're noshing down breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sitting is sometimes unavoidable but instead of fighting gravity's pull on our backsides, let's try to beat our sedentary lifestyles at its own game by boosting our metabolism and burning calories while we sit.

Here are seven ways to lose weight even when you're sitting (yes, really!):

How to lose weight even when you're sitting down all day

1. Do tiny tone-ups

Just because you're sitting down it doesn't mean that you can't move about. Stretch tone arms, flex those leg muscles and do some toe taps. All these are tiny tone-ups that you can still do even when chained to a desk all day.

2. Take a coffee break

Grab a coffee (but make it low sugar) or better yet, drink some green tea. Not only will it lift you out of your mid-afternoon slump, green tea is full of antioxidants known as catechins that boost fat oxidation. Whee!

3. Snack smart

Choosing the right snacks like nut or dried fruit can help you feel fuller for longer so you're not tempted to guzzle down that chocolate bar that you got at the shops during lunch.

4. Replace your chair

Swap your regular office chair for an exercise ball if you'd like to really tone up your muscles and shed some kilos while sitting. According to some registered dieticians, they can help you burn up to an extra 100 calories a day.

5. Keep cool

Your body burns more calories trying to stay warm so turning down the air conditioning may actually be able to help you burn more calories, in theory. We're pretty sure you'll have to fight with your colleagues to make this happen though!

6. Dance in your chair

Put your headphones on and crank up some tunes! Music has a universal positive psychological effect and can serve to reduce stress, which is also known to help with weight control.

7. Fidget

According to an Iowa State University study, researchers found that those who frequently fidgeted, stood up, and walked around could burn an additional 300 calories per day, compared to those who remain stationary.

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