Woman gets headache from spider burrowing in her ear

From crickets to cockroaches to maggots, tales of creepy crawlies making themselves right at home in human ears never fail to horrify us.

And this time around, a video clip of a spider climbing out of a woman's ear is making some people consider wearing earplugs to sleep.

According to SWNS TV, the arachnid had crept into the 49-year-old's ear while she was taking an afternoon nap at home in India.

She woke with a tingling sensation in her ear and failed to remove the irritant with her finger.

The discomfort soon turned into unbearable pain and the woman's husband took her to Columbia Asia Hospital, The Daily Mail reported.

As doctors shone a light into her ear for a closer look, they were shocked to see a spider emerging from the depths of her ear canal.

People turning up in the emergency department with foreign objects in their ears is a common occurrence but it is rare to see a live spider moving inside someone's ear canal, said the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) consultant who treated the woman.

Despite giving the woman a big scare, the spider did not damage her ear, the doctor confirmed.

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Although the removal of an insect in the ear is a fairly simple procedure, a patient's anxiety over the living creature may hinder the extraction.

These pesky invaders have also driven people to resort to extreme measures to get them out of their ears.

One man in China sprayed insecticide into his ear and got a nasty infection after he failed to remove a cockroach that was trapped in his ear.

Some common symptoms of infection include ear irritation, pain, redness, discharge, swelling, and hearing loss.

If you face a similar ear emergency, Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) doctors recommend these first aid tips:

- Try not to put your finger into the ear as it may trigger the insect to sting

- Pour a few drops of oil into the ear to reduce the damage the insect may wreck in the canal

- Tilt your head with the affected ear facing up to encourage the insect to crawl out

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However, it is best to seek medical attention as doctors can safely extract foreign objects from the ears using specialised tools such as otoscopes, forceps, and suction catheters.

Even if an insect has come out of your ear, it may have irritated the sensitive skin inside the ear canal.

The doctor may also prescribe antibiotic ear drops to treat possible infections.


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