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Best thing I ate this week: Beef ball noodles

AsiaOne | Deborah Wong | Friday, Apr 7, 2017

Beef ball noodles at Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre

Photo: AsiaOne

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What: Beef ball noodles ($4.90)

Where: Viet-Thai Food, Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, #01-72

Think Vietnamese beef pho with a slight Singaporean twist.

Unlike the typical beef pho which comes with a relatively clear, light broth, this was dark with a spicy tinge.

Though the broth was a tad heavy, it was nicely balanced out with the herbs iconic in Vietnamese cooking - basil and coriander.

I also liked that the beef balls were springy, bite-sized and came in a generous portion.

A winning touch would be the garnish of deep fried garlic, which usually isn't found in conventional Vietnamese pho. But when paired with the silky noodles and spiced herb broth, the meal is definitely flavourful.

The writer paid for the meal reviewed.


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