10 scariest Malaysian spooks

10 scariest Malaysian spooks

On Thursday, many Western nations will be celebrating Halloween, the day of the (un)dead.

In Malaysia, supernatural beliefs are as diverse as the many cultures and communities found in the country. Here's a closer look at some of the scarier spectres said to share our realm.

1) Pontianak: Perhaps the most talked about supernatural being, thanks to the myriad of Malay movies featuring this creature, Pontianak is believed to be the ghost of a pregnant female. Although they are usually portrayed as long-haired, pale-skinned, smelling of jasmine and dressed in all-white garb. They are believed to take on the form of beautiful maidens and prey on unsuspecting males. The non-threatening appearance of this creature is probably how it lures its victims before digging into their stomachs with its long nails and devouring the victim's organs. Pontianak is also known to seek revenge by dismembering male reproductive organs.

2) Penanggalan: Perhaps one of the more gruesome-looking creatures with entrails trailing from it's head, creating terror among any who come across it. The being is believed to be a female blood-sucking ghost. Miscarriages are often blamed on this supernatural being, as it seemingly has a penchant for the blood of fetuses and babies.

3) Hantu Tetek: Otherwise known as the 'Breast Ghost', it is perhaps one that elicits more laughter than fear with some saying that death by the ghost is perhaps not the worst way to go. It is believed that it kills its victims by smothering them with its huge breasts. Some also believe that the breasts are on the ghost's back instead of in front, but so far no one has survived to verify if this piece of information is true.

4) Mohini: Known among the Indian community, Mohini is a beautiful apparition of a long-haired woman dressed in a white saree. Mohini is somewhat similar to the Pontianak, which prey on men. Unlike Pontianak, Mohini is believed to be the soul of a lonely unmarried female who entice men to 'live' with them until the victims wither away and eventually die.

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