Balcony sex: Exhibitionist tendencies may be sign of psychiatric condition

Balcony sex: Exhibitionist tendencies may be sign of psychiatric condition

PETALING JAYA - The act of committing sexual acts in public view, such as in the balcony of a condominium, may be a sign of someone suffering from a psychological condition, said psychiatrist Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj.

"A lot of people subconsciously get aroused or obtain some form of satisfaction when they think of doing things out of the norm.

"However, in terms of actually carrying out their inner fantasies or sexual urges, many would be very strained about carrying it out for various reasons - morally or legal," he said on Wednesday.

Dr Mohanraj explained that getting satisfaction from dangerous situations - such as in extreme sports - is common among people.

Occasionally, certain individuals may have sexual urges that the brain perceives as a similar arousal, which leads them to commit these unconventional sexual acts.

"This is defiantly not a common thing. It is a type of fantasy but people do not normally act on fantasies like this.

"Those who act this way may do so to make a rebellious statement against traditional values and societal norms," he said.

"Another cause is that the individual may suffer from psychological distress and have paraphilic tendencies - where the only way for them to get sexual arousal is by doing something like this, otherwise they will not attain full sexual fulfillment," he said.

Paraphilia is a condition where a person gets aroused when faced with certain situations, individuals or unusual objects.

"In some cases of paraphilia, the individual feels like he has to act in a certain way, otherwise his everyday functioning or normal sexual relations may be jeopardised," he said.

An unusual trigger - such as having sex in public - is needed otherwise the individual may not receive attaining full sexual arousal, he explained.

"There any many groups within the mental condition of paraphilia- in this case exhibitionism and voyeurism," he said.

"It could be that the individual may have difficulty having normal sex it if is not in public - such as the balcony. However, this is not for certain. It could just be a one-off thing," he said.

Dr Mohanraj, who has experience treating cases of paraphilia, is certain that the act was no accident, but a conscious decision to allow others to view the act.

"Their intention is that they want people to see. Some try to do it in more controlled environments, for example in their bedrooms with the curtains slightly open - so they can live out their fantasies without getting into trouble but there are others dare to do it in public," he said.

He added that while physically, the balcony might be a private space but psychologically speaking, the brain perceives the balcony to be a public area.

If indeed the incident in Bangsar South is not a one-off incident and the individual is suffering from paraphilia, Dr Mohanraj recommends that the couple seek psychiatric attention, as it is very common for those who suffer from the condition to end up on the wrong side of the law.

The videographer of the act also does not get away scott free - Dr Mohanraj pointed out that he has also shown certain signs of paraphelia.

"For (the videographer) to actually watch the whole thing for thirty minutes could also reflect his own voyeuristic tendencies," he said.

Images and a 30-minute video of an unidentified couple having sex in the balcony of an apartment complex in Bangsar South had gone viral on Tuesday after a neighour had spread the clip.

Police are now ‎‎investigating the incident, including the couple and the filmmaker.

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