Malaysian cosmetics millionaire Dr Vida: Being flirtatious is just who I am

Tuesday, Jan 02, 2018
Photo: The Star/Asia News Network

DATUK Seri Dr Hasmizah Othman (pic), famously known as Dr Vida, told Sinar Harian that she will not cease her "coquettish" ways.

"This is who I am. I am me, I cannot pretend," said the cosmetics millionaire when asked about attention-seeking individuals on social media.

“Netizens don’t criticise the videos I make, only my coquettish actions,” she said, adding that her flirtatiousness was not a ploy to increase sales of her products.


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"Some people say I show off my wealth on Instagram and Facebook. But I think they need to look at the positive side," said Dr Vida.

She added that she preferred posting videos on social media as it made her feel closer to her audience and followers.