Malaysian Instagram "rich kids" not flaunting wealth enough

Malaysian Instagram "rich kids" not flaunting wealth enough

Many dream of a lavish lifestyle but only few get to live it. It's only the "chosen" few that get to drive fancy cars, travel in style, live in heavenly mansions and walk around with a duffle bag full of cash in one hand and a "surgically altered" woman on the other.

The "Rich Kids of Malaysia" is one such page on Instagram that is dedicated to the lavish lifestyle of Malaysians. It features the young, wealthy and fly "kids" who are willing to flaunt their cars, their bodies (we all know the rich are obviously better looking..), their holiday destinations, and their Rolex watches.

The page was started about two weeks ago by an anonymous moderator who goes by the name, "the bete noire" - the black beast in French, and it already has over 18 thousand followers. The page aggregates photos of people who have been nominated by others for their wealth.

According to an exclusive interview between the #RKOM moderator and Malay Mail Online, the moderator said: "I got the idea (to set up the page) after the ringgit went down. I want to show that actually there are many Malaysians living the good life… yes, some of them are just show-offs, but the fact is all of them are far from poor."

'Rich' Kids?

Although the page is supposed to be about wealth, I find it to be a cheaper imitation of similar pages like the "Rich Kids of Instagram" and the "Rich Kids of Tehran". I say this because I don't feel like they are flaunting their wealth enough.

Some of the pictures show men driving around in old BMWs. I am no expert but if you're driving an old BMW that is not a classic, you're just a person with a job. You need to work harder so that you can afford a car that is more relevant.

And some people just look like they just took random pictures of cars that they spotted at petrol stations. How do we know that they actually have money? The picture could have just as well been taken by me!

While the page is quite young, it did garner a bit of attention from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim). The department was rumored to have called for a ban on the account because the account showed women who weren't covering their modesty and most of the images were taken at locations where vice activities take place; like the inside of people's cars. However, this was later denied by a representative of Jakim.

Obviously, since this is a page dedicated to the wealthy, there will always be those "clowns" that care so "deeply" about that the poor that they can't resist commenting about how the page should not be dedicated to glorifying the wealthy but it should be dedicated to the plight of the poor.

Am I the only one tired of looking at poor people all day? I honestly don't want to see them on Instagram, although they are amazingly photogenic. For all those that disagree with me, you have no clue what you're talking about. Trust me, poor people are overrated!

There isn't a lot that I learn from strolling around on Instagram but this page has taught me one important lesson; whoever said that money doesn't make you happy, lied!

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