A volatile year with romance in the air

A volatile year with romance in the air
Energy healer and tarot card reader, Sherwin Ng.

WHAT WILL IT BE? A new year usually brings with it new challenges and most people want to be fully prepared for anything that may come their way. Tan Choe Choe speaks to a tarot card reader and a Chinese geomancer to find out what's in store in 2014

The numbers in the year 2014, when added together, is 7 and this, in the tarot system, represents the Chariot card -- two strong, feisty horses pulling a chariot forward.

For energy healer and tarot card reader, Sherwin Ng, that means it's not going to be a peaceful year.

"It'll be a year of people fighting for something... a year of changes. It's going to be a fiery and volatile year."

The Chariot also brings with it vehicular accidents, particularly in the first half of the year.

It also heralds possible positive changes in the automobile industry -- how they make cars or how their offerings are viewed by the people at large. There would be a renewed focus on hybrid cars.

However, these changes would not translate to immediate financial gains, but rather a new way of doing things and new inventions. "It may not be immediately profitable because people will have to adapt to it first."

While the Chariot is at the heart of the year, the three other cards of influence for the year are the Empress, the Temperance and the Hermit.

"The Empress' influence came in from 2010 onwards. She represents Mother Earth, so we see issues like genetically modified food and organic farming coming into play these 10 years," said Ng.

With the Empress' prevalent influence, and with the Chariot coming in this year, there will be a stronger fight against "unnatural things".

The new year will also be the 14th year since the turn of the new millennium, which also makes it the 14th year of the first century. This 14 is governed by the card Temperance, which depicts an angel pouring water from one cup to another.

"I always call this the teh tarik card and it's all about balancing. So this normally means new discoveries, inventions and thoughts and trying to balance the modern with ancient wisdom."

The Chariot also brings with it a hidden card, the Tower.

"That's one of the most disastrous and explosive cards ever. So, we're talking about volcanoes, literal explosions and earthquakes.

"The year before was wind-related, that brought tornadoes and typhoons. The coming year will be earthquakes. I'd say the earth is correcting itself."

Ng said many psychological problems will also surface.

"We will see drugs become useless as people start becoming immune to them. There will be a realisation that such drugs are not long-term cures and they bring a lot of side effects, which will be revealed next year. So, the medical industry will be shaken up a bit."

The flow of energies in the new year will also mean that people will not be unduly worried over the money aspect in their lives. Rather, they would be more into questioning their existential purpose, their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and doing things to better themselves.

"Money-wise, there'll be a change in trend of how people earn money. They will be looking for more freedom in how they can earn their money.

"The focus will not be so much on stable jobs, but more on having comfortable work environments, on freelancing, and working from home. And the industries will be more receptive to this."

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