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The lack of news meant many families for a while clung to the hope that perhaps the plane landed somewhere safely and their loved ones were still alive. -Reuters

Mystery of missing MH370 deepens

Australia says additional search area for MH370 may take up to a year
Government ministers from Australia, China and Malaysia said that they would extend the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 by an additional 60,000 sq miles. -AFP
No known link between towelette found in Australia and MH370
A Malaysia Airlines towelette was found on a Western Australian beach four months after MH370 vanished, investigators revealed Tuesday, but they said it was impossible to know if it came from the missing plane. -AFP
Towelette washed up in Australia unlikely from MH370: Officials
A wet wipe with the Malaysia Airlines logo was found on a beach at Thirsty Point in Perth. -AFP
Air travel "safer" in 2014 despite Malaysian disasters: IATA
Last year was by some measures the safest in the history of commercial aviation, despite two high-profile crashes. -Reuters
MH370 report: Black box battery expired a year before plane vanished
Maintenance records showed that the battery on the beacon attached to the Flight Data Recorder expired in December 2012. -The Star/ANN
Chinese MH370 relatives mark anniversary under police gaze
Dozens of uniformed security sealed the street around the diplomatic mission, an AFP reporter saw, while relatives said they had opted to avoid the airport as police were out in force. -AFP

Passengers & crew on MH370

MH370: Families and friends of passengers voice their pleas
More than a hundred people gathered to watch video recordings of affected family members speaking about their loved one. -The Star/ANN
MH370: Still clinging to hope after a year
One year on, the hunt for MH370 goes on but the questions seem to have multiplied as the days go by. -The Star/ANN
MH370: Touching birthday tribute to chief steward
Maira posted the tribute on her Instagram account to Andrew Nari on Saturday, who was to have turned 50. -The Star/ANN
Chinese relatives protest in Malaysia over MH370
The Malaysian government last month officially listed the disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 as an accident in a move it said would pave the way for compensation claims. -AFP
MH370: Life insurers in Malaysia paid out $6.25 million
Insurers had settled almost all life insurance claims payments, adding for life policies, the amount payable was based on the sum insured. -The Star/ANN

Search for missing MH370 continues...

Mystery of missing MH370 deepens

Ongoing investigations...

Passengers & crew on MH370

Ships haven't picked up any further signals

Thai satellite spots 300 objects floating in ocean

Bad weather hampers search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

MH370: History will judge us well, says Hisham

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