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The lack of news meant many families for a while clung to the hope that perhaps the plane landed somewhere safely and their loved ones were still alive. -Reuters

Mystery of missing MH370 deepens

Australia says additional search area for MH370 may take up to a year
Government ministers from Australia, China and Malaysia said that they would extend the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 by an additional 60,000 sq miles. -AFP
No known link between towelette found in Australia and MH370
A Malaysia Airlines towelette was found on a Western Australian beach four months after MH370 vanished, investigators revealed Tuesday, but they said it was impossible to know if it came from the missing plane. -AFP
Towelette washed up in Australia unlikely from MH370: Officials
A wet wipe with the Malaysia Airlines logo was found on a beach at Thirsty Point in Perth. -AFP

Passengers & crew on MH370

MH370: Families and friends of passengers voice their pleas
More than a hundred people gathered to watch video recordings of affected family members speaking about their loved one. -The Star/ANN
MH370: Still clinging to hope after a year
One year on, the hunt for MH370 goes on but the questions seem to have multiplied as the days go by. -The Star/ANN

Search for missing MH370 continues...

Mystery of missing MH370 deepens

Ongoing investigations...

Passengers & crew on MH370

Ships haven't picked up any further signals

Thai satellite spots 300 objects floating in ocean

Bad weather hampers search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

MH370: History will judge us well, says Hisham

Flight MH370 crashed with no survivors

Missing MAS plane: Press conference snippets (March 13)

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Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Separating facts from fiction

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Tracking the fake passport trade

Families of passengers on board missing flight wait for news

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Emotions ran high at meeting with Chinese officials

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane a "mystery"

Malaysia Airlines jet's disappearance raises questions about foul play

Investigators: Malaysia Airlines plane may have 'disintegrated mid-flight'

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Search on for missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Scene at Beijing Capital International Airport

MISSING MH370: PM says still no sign of missing plane