Evolution of the Hong Kong beauty in films

June 16, 2017

Since the 1980s, Hong Kong has been a cradle for a number of influential female celebrities who have integrated as part of Hong Kong culture, contributing to the peak of the special administrative region's entertainment circle.

Once nicknamed as "China's cultural desert", elements of traditional Chinese culture combining western cultural influences have shaped Hong Kong in every facet of lifestyle, spanning from the music available to TV dramas, films, books, food and what many people consider to be aesthetically pleasing.

In 2017, the return of the classic movie A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella to the big screen, as well as the reshooting of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, strike a chord with Chinese movie-goers.

To a majority of Chinese generations, born between 1970 and 1990, the golden-twenty-years (1980-2000) marks an unforgettable period of Hong Kong culture. During this period, a large number of influential TV dramas, films and musical albums were produced.

The classic role from a certain movie, the melody song from a certain album all call wake up our best memories.

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  • Now, a few renowned female celebrities and their classic roles have been listed in this gallery.
  • The Miss Hong Kong Pageant, otherwise known as Miss HK, is a beauty pageant organized by a local Hong Kong television station, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). The pageant started in 1973, and has become a competition and cultural symbol for the locals. The photo shows the Top 3 winners of 2006 Miss Hong Kong Pageant.
  • A movie fan paints some classic female roles from Hong Kong movies to express the love of Hong Kong culture.
  • Brigitte Lin

    Brigitte Lin

    Birth Date: Nov 3, 1954; Masterpiece: The Legend of the Swordsman
  •  Joey Wong

    Joey Wong

    Birth Date: Jan 31, 1967; Masterpiece: A Chinese Ghost Story
  • Gigi Lai

    Gigi Lai

    Birth Date: Oct 1, 1971; Masterpiece: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
  • Cecilia Cheung

    Cecilia Cheung

    Birth Date: May 24, 1980; Masterpiece: King of Comedy
  • Maggie Cheung

    Maggie Cheung

    Birth Date: Sept 20, 1964; Masterpiece: In the Mood for Love
  • Sharla Cheung

    Sharla Cheung

    Birth Date: Feb 7, 1968; Masterpiece: The Kung Fu Cult Master
  • Rosamund Kwan

    Rosamund Kwan

    Birth Date: Sept 24, 1962; Masterpiece: Lie Tou
  • Michele Lee

    Michele Lee

    Birth Date: June 20, 1970; Masterpiece: Flowers of Shanghai
  • Carman Lee

    Carman Lee

    Birth Date: Aug 16, 1973; Masterpiece: The Condor Heroes
  • Anita Mui

    Anita Mui

    Birth Date: Oct 10, 1963; Masterpiece: Beauty Flower (song), Rouge (film)
  • Chingmy Yau

    Chingmy Yau

    Birth Date: May 16, 1968; Masterpiece: God of Gamblers
  • Angie Chiu

    Angie Chiu

    Birth Date: Nov 15, 1954; Masterpiece: The Legend of White Snake
  • Cherie Chung

    Cherie Chung

    Birth Date: Feb 16, 1960; Masterpiece: Once A Thief
  • Vivian Chow

    Vivian Chow

    Birth Date: Nov 10, 1967; Masterpiece: Heart to Hearts
  • Athena Chu

    Athena Chu

    Birth Date: Oct 25, 1971; Masterpiece: A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella
  • Anita Yuen

    Anita Yuen

    Birth Date: Sept 4, 1971; Masterpiece: C'est la vie, mon chéri
  • Gigi Leung

    Gigi Leung

    Birth Date: Mar 25, 1976; Masterpiece: My Sisters and Brothers
  • Angelababy/ Yang Ying

    Angelababy/ Yang Ying

    Birth Date: Feb 28, 1989; Masterpiece: Running Man (TV talent show)
  • Gillian Chung

    Gillian Chung

    Birth Date: Jan 21, 1981; Masterpiece: Beyond Our Ken
  • Kelly Chan

    Kelly Chan

    Birth Date: Sept 13, 1973; Masterpiece: Tokyo Raiders



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