ChargeKey, the simplest solution to charging your smartphone

ChargeKey, the simplest solution to charging your smartphone

Before our phones were powerful pocket computers, we would've been content living with just one charger.

Today, the thought of not having a charger and a power source nearby could easily drive us into panic mode.

As our phones have become more advanced, they consume more power. Most smartphone batteries don't get us through the day in a single charge.

Our habits have changed too; we use our phones more frequently then we used to, thus draining the battery quicker than normal use.

To prevent our phones from becoming expensive paperweights, we have been devising multiple charging stations - one charger at home and another at work.

We have one in our bedroom for overnight recharge, and one in the car for when we're on the road.

We even have extra chargers lying in our house - in the living room, the kitchen, and probably in the bathroom.

And then there's the need to have back-up power while on the go. We've solved this problem with power banks, but while they give us the extra juice we need, they're quite cumbersome.

I'm not particularly fond of power banks, even though I have one with me as it has become an essential accessory. They're ugly, often bulky, and have to be recharged in order for them to work again.

ChargeKey by Nomad is a clutter-free solution that enables us to charge our mobile devices.

This little accessory is a simple yet brilliant idea. It is the exact size as your average house key and can fit in your key ring.

Since you always take your keys with you when you're out, you'll also have the ChargeKey with you.

On one side of the ChargeKey is a micro-USB connector that will fit into any micro-USB port-equipped smartphone (a Lightning connector version is also available for iPhone users), while the other side is a USB connector that can plug into a USB power adapter or a computer.

It doesn't work like a power bank; it's not meant to store power. Rather, it's like carrying your very own USB charger cable that's very short and doesn't take up a lot of space.

So the next time you're out and need to recharge your phone, all you need to do is look for an available USB outlet to plug it into and you're good to go. After all, USB sockets aren't all that hard to find these days.

Because the ChargeKey is short, it might seem difficult to use with a USB adapter plugged into the wall or a desktop PC. Fortunately, the device is made of flexible rubber, so when your phone is plugged in in those circumstances, it basically just dangles there and won't break the connector.

Of course, the ChargeKey delivers a balance of form and function when plugged into a laptop.

Another brand, Bluelounge, also offers a similar accessory called the Kii, but it doesn't flex like Nomad's ChargeKey.

Furthermore, the Kii is twice the price of the ChargeKey. However, the Kii has protective caps.

With the ChargeKey, you'll never have to worry about not having a charger with you anytime and anywhere.

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