Samsung U9000 65-inch Curved UHD

Samsung U9000 65-inch Curved UHD

There is no space in my small living room for a 65-inch TV, much less a curved one that is best viewed at a distance of 3m to 4m. But Samsung insisted that I test it out for a month and after some shifting of furniture, I managed to find space for it on my TV cabinet. The problem was that instead of being able to place it parallel to the wall, I had to put it at an angle.

So instead of the sweet spot being the middle section of my L-shaped couch (which directly faces the screen of my own TV), the best seat in the house was now the corner section of my couch.

Now, two weeks later, I do not know how I can move back to my old seat that is facing my current 46-inch TV.

The allure here is not the massive size of the review set, but rather the subtle immersion brought on by the curved screen.

Like the recent introduction of stereoscopic 3-D and smart TV features, curved screens are being sold, most notably by Korean giants Samsung and LG, as the next big thing of electronic entertainment and there is some truth to the visual changes that they bring.

Anyone who has had the best seat in the middle of the Imax theatre at Shaw Lido will attest to what a difference it makes to the viewing experience compared with seeing the same images on a regular cinema screen. The curve of the Imax screen, coupled with the extra large display, brings a different level of immersion to the viewer.

Characters are so lifelike, it is as if they are in the next room, just separated by a transparent wall.

On long shots that establish location, such as an overhead shot of a forest or alien world, the audience is drawn in subtly, much more than by a large but flat display. Samsung's built-in Depth Enhancer does the job very well here.

The keyword here is "subtly" though and that is where the content limits the technology. Your daily diet of news, TV dramas and cartoons will not make full use of this effect, which may make curved screens seem gimmicky rather than a necessity.

Curved screens are like the new sound systems that support up to 9.1 channel surround sound. Audiences who have never even experienced 5.1 channel surround will think stereo is good enough.

Even those who enjoy 5.1 surround sound might baulk at the premium they have to pay for enjoying what many regard as just a subtle improvement in audio quality.

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