One tough mother: Don't mess with these momma bears

One tough mother: Don't mess with these momma bears

Fictional mums who prove that they can wipe, whip and kick some serious butts.

Mothers are some of the scariest people in the world ... and that is on a good day. Imagine catching them when they are at their craziest, most insane mood, which usually happens when someone threatens the safety of their family. Scary thought, huh?

Here we take a look at some of the memorable "momma bear" movie characters who would do anything for their cubs.

The movie: The Blind Side

The mother: Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock)

Why she is awesome: Leigh Anne is a tough-as-nails mother who isn't afraid to speak her mind and runs a super tight household.

In the movie, Leigh Anne welcomes Michael Oher, a homeless high schooler, into her family and guides the troubled boy to become one of the most prominent players in the American National Football League.

The fact that the movie is based on a true story and to know that there really is a tough-talking, no-nonsense Leigh Anne out there just makes this character extra special. Leigh Anne is not only protective of her biological children, she is also very defensive of her adopted son Michael and proved that she would always fight for what's best for her babies.

The movie: Harry Potter series

The mother: Molly Weasley (Julie Walters)

Why she is awesome: *Spoiler alert* (but seriously, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows has been out for almost three years, why haven't you watched it?) Who can forget the moment Molly took on evil Bellatrix Lestrange, who tried to kill poor Ginny Weasley, and screamed: "Not my daughter, you b****!"? It was epic.

We always knew that Mrs Weasley was crazy overprotective of her seven children, as well as of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, but who knew that she had it in her to cast a killing curse on the lunatic Bellatrix? Obviously not the Death Eater.

The movie: The Incredibles

The mother: Helen Parr aka Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter)

Why she is awesome: She washes, she cleans and she fights criminals with her superhero husband and children. How much more awesome can Helen Parr get?

While many mothers complain of being stretched too thin, Helen literally does that to keep world order and her family together. She may look tame with her football mum hairstyle and timid demeanour but if you mess with her family or threaten to hurt her babies, you will have to face her alter ego Elastigirl and her power to stretch like a rubberband that will snap you into submission.

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