Why 50 is the new 35

Why 50 is the new 35

After watching Gravity, you will come away with two strong impressions.

The first is that it is perhaps the most engrossing space movie you have ever seen.

The second is that leading lady Sandra Bullock is a fox.

At 49 years of age - yes, 49! - the US actress looks better than ever in Gravity, which opens here on Oct 10.

She plays Dr Ryan Stone, a scientist who is doing a space walk when all of a sudden, her shuttle is destroyed by some errant debris.

She finally manages to scramble aboard a nearby Russian space station, which is exciting, and then things get even more exciting when she strips off her space suit.

Now THAT is a heavenly body.

Anyway, can her fellow astronaut, played by George Clooney, save her pretty behind?

We certainly hope so. She's too hot to die!

Of course, Bullock isn't the only half-centurian to maintain her awesome physique.

These days, 50 is the new 35, and veteran ogler Jason Johnson has the goods on some choice older gals who have managed to defy both time and gravity.

The body

Sandra Bullock, 49

She's one of those rare actresses who never needs to make a comeback - she's always at the top of her game, and in tip-top form.

While she tends to specialise in comedy and romance, Gravity proves that she can also rock an action flick - she certainly has the build for it!

She spends most of her time in panic mode as she scrambles about, trying to survive in Earth's orbit, but she still manages to overcome all the physical challenges put in her way.

She performs acrobatic feats trying to climb into a space station, fights a fire and pilots an escape pod.

She also looks unbelievable in her underwear, which is important.

At least, to me it is.

Basically, Bullock gives Sigourney Weaver's classic space-underwear scene in Alien a run for its money, which is really saying something.

The Face

Michelle Pfeiffer, 55

Either Pfeiffer has the world's greatest plastic surgeon - the Michelangelo of aesthetic doctors - or she made a pact with the devil. How else can she explain how she looks THAT good at THAT age?

In her new film We're A Nice Normal Family, she has a number of close-ups that should reveal any flaws. Believe me when I say that she has none.

Pfeiffer has defined class and beauty for me personally since I first saw her in Ladyhawke 30 years ago. She had the best face then. She has the best face now.

The legs

Famke Janssen, 47

Tall and regal, Janssen has - literally - killer legs. Playing Xenia Onatopp in the 1995 James Bond flick GoldenEye, she actually murdered dudes with her gams!

Janssen is now appearing as a seductive vampire in the creepy Netflix show Hemlock Grove. I would not be surprised if Janssen herself were some sort of paranormal creature. She looked as amazing as ever in her cleavage-bearing cameo role in this summer's The Wolverine.

The freckles

Julianne Moore, 52

As a child, she hated her nickname Freckleface Strawberry, but over the years, she has come to revel in her redheaded glory.

While some actresses - *ahem* Lindsay Lohan - try to hide their gingerness, Moore has made it her trademark. As a matter of fact, she's not shy about her looks AT ALL, as evidenced by her penchant for nude scenes.

She appears in horror flick Carrie this October, and then she stars as President Coin in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 next year.

The bosom

Salma Hayek, 47

It's hard to believe that the sexy Hayek is almost a half-century old. I don't believe it, and I just wrote it!

Thanks in no small part to the fact that she's maintained her bombshell looks - that bosom OMG! - Hayek continues to have a busy career. She played Adam Sandler's wife in the Grown Ups movies and she played Kevin James' girlfriend in Here Comes The Boom.

Next year, you can catch her and her "wonder twins" in Muppets Most Wanted and the action thriller Everly.

The everything

Halle Berry, 47

This is a woman so sexually potent that her current pregnancy - at 47! - doesn't raise an eyebrow. Dating and marrying some of the world's hunkiest men - singer Eric Benet, model Gabriel Aubry, and current husband Olivier Martinez - has obviously kept her young.

While many actresses' careers take a nosedive once they hit the big 4-0, Berry is still going strong. She carried The Call to success earlier this year and was one of the highlights of last year's trippy Cloud Atlas. Next year, it's back to her mutant roots in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Honourable mentions

1. Vanessa Williams, 50

There are a lot of former beauty queens out there, but few have had the sort of success enjoyed by this former Miss America with the dangerous curves.

A TV star on shows like Ugly Betty and a pop star with Colours Of The Wind, Williams also pops up as a loveable presence in the occasional film such as Hannah Montana: The Movie and this year's Temptation.

2. Demi Moore, 50

She's more famous for her personal life than her movies these days - the whole Ashton Kutcher thing - but Moore remains a Hollywood stunner. Actually, she's still more beautiful than her daughters (sorry, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah).

If she keeps making great movies like Margin Call, she could find herself back on the A-list. Another bikini scene like the one in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle wouldn't hurt either.

3. Diane Lane, 48

Her face still looks as fresh as it did back in the 80s, and her bod has indeed defied gravity.

Who better to play Superman's mum in Man Of Steel?

She has done her best work over the past decade in films such as Unfaithful, Under The Tuscan Sun, Hollywoodland and Secretariat, and it's nice that she's being rewarded with a lucrative superhero franchise.

4. Robin Wright, 47

This natural blonde was always too willowy and fine for lumpy award-winning thesp Sean Penn, and she's better off without him!

Her career has picked up since they divorced. She's in the terrific TV show House Of Cards and the intriguing new film project The Congress.

She has also moved on with her personal life, with boyfriend Ben Foster.

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