Why good women fall for bad men

Why good women fall for bad men

Some women are trapped in the same unhealthy cycle their entires lives.

He's arrogant, rude, a rebel, and may quite possibly have a borderline personality disorder… But yet women fall head-over-heels for the bad guy.

It's a common complaint among men in the dating world, and it is a phenomenon that still befuddles all of us. That is why The Star Online sought the help of Charis Wong, a marriage and family therapist, to explain why women fall for "bad men".

"A lot of women get caught up in this cycle and they can remain in this cycle for the rest of their lives," said Wong.

Wong says that women who fall for "bad men" often have unresolved issues that make them attracted to these individuals.

"In a normal situation, a woman would be attracted to someone who would make a potential life mate, and father to her future children," explained Wong.

"However, there are some cases where women may have unresolved childhood issues, and have the tendency to fall for bad boys as a way to deal with these issues," she said.

Wong says that women from dysfunctional families, whose father had affairs with other women, or women with father issues, who did not get much attention from their father, may also fall into the cycle of dating "bad men".

A distant or emotionally detached man may be a relationship that is considered normal for the woman.

"It is an accustomed and familiar relationship, and when you're familiar with something, it's comfortable, and you will become unconsciously attracted to the same sort of man your mother was," said Wong.

Wong said that low self-esteem is another reason women fall for "bad men".

"This is when women don't have a healthy image of themselves. They often do not think that they're worthwhile to be with a "good guy", so they settle for the "bad man"," said Wong.

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