Are cyclists getting a free ride?

Are cyclists getting a free ride?

Large groups of cyclists congregate along narrow, winding roads such as South Buona Vista Road ("Probe into big cycling group's 'road hogging'"; last Sunday).

I have seen cyclists ignore double white lines and make illegal turns onto oncoming traffic to overtake buses.

They commonly ride two or three abreast on this road and force traffic to slow down. Drivers will often lose patience and cut into the oncoming lane to overtake these groups.

I have witnessed numerous near-accidents on this steep, winding road. It is a question of time before a major traffic catastrophe occurs.

Elsewhere, it is also common to see cyclists ignoring traffic lights or riding onto pavements if the traffic lights are not in their favour.

Many cyclists do not disembark from their bicycles even when there are other pedestrians around.

Increasingly, I have also noticed cyclists along Central Boulevard and Robinson Road during the morning rush hour. They take up whole lanes and add to the congestion.

Some bicycles even have motors and ride alongside cars and motorcycles.

In short, bicycle usage in Singapore is unregulated.

It is high time the Land Transport Authority (LTA) come up with a plan for this increasingly large population of road users.

Motorists in Singapore pay high taxes to use the roads. They also undergo rigorous traffic tests to ensure they are aware of road safety and rules.

Cyclist neither pay taxes nor are they tested. Isn't it time for the LTA to create a certificate of entitlement and/or road tax for bicycles?

Why should cyclists be exempt from paying the Electronic Road Pricing charges when they take up the space of a motorcycle, if not more if you consider their slower speeds?

The funds raised can be used to build bicycle lanes, improve our cycling infrastructure and educate cyclists on road safety.


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