1 day in Macau for the history geek

1 day in Macau for the history geek

This article is written by Ng Shi Ting, a food and travel enthusiast, and originally published on lobsterpaints.com.

History Geek [his-tuh-ree geek]: Someone who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about history.

Way before the Portuguese arrived and dominated Macau, which has a strategic geographical location, the peninsula and its ports served as a trading ground between the East and West. Some of the items traded back then included silk from China and spices from India and a handful of other produce from the Western countries.

Macau then became the crossroads for the East and West cultures and eventually, the city ended up adopting all these different cultures during its development and growth with a strong fusion of both Chinese and Western influence.

Today, Macau has so much to offer for a history geek with a foodie deep down inside!

Here's my itinerary of how your day as a history geek and foodie should go!

8:00 AM: Breakfast at Sheng Kee Porridge

I always feel that in order to truly experience and learn about a new country or city you are visiting for the first time, you have to go right down to the roots of everything and try to blend in with the locals.

And there is no better way than to join them at their favourite breakfast haunt and start your day right with a hearty breakfast!

The menu at Sheng Kee Porridge was pretty simple and straight forward, and it did not take us too long before we derived our choices.

Here is a quick look at some of my personal favorites during our breakfast at Sheng Kee Porridge.

The Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll) at Sheng Kee Porridge is made up of thick and slightly chewy rice noodles with a rich rice fragrance. There are actually two variants of chee cheong fun available at this breakfast joint.

One is the regular chee cheong fun we all know jolly well and the other comes with a piece of dough fritters wrapped inside! Let me show you how you should enjoy your chee cheong fun.

Step 1: Coat your chee cheong fun with generous amount of peanut sauce.

Step 2: Drizzle some dark sweet sauce over.

Step 3: Roasted Sesame seed!

Chee cheong fun is pretty common in Singapore and we have a couple of places serving them like this as well, but I think the peanut sauce served at Sheng Kee Porridge is pretty incomparable. It was somewhere between sweet and savory, thick but not overwhelming and perfectly compliments the chee cheong fun together with the dark sweet sauce.

I am actually quite a fan of rice dumplings if we can forget about the carbo and calories in them!

What more can I ask for when these Cantonese Rice Dumplings came with a filling of ground green beans, salted egg yolks and a fatty piece of pork belly which is paired with a peanut and dark sweet sauce.

The additional of the peanut sauce and dark sweet sauce is optional - just like the chee cheong fun but pretty much recommended.

This might look no where close to being the most scrumptious item but never underestimate this unappealing-looking pile of carrot cake on the dish! Just imagine a fluffy and smooth cake that melts in your mouth and at the same time releasing a robust carrots and shrimp flavour.

Although the most authentic siew mai is usually served with minced pork, Sheng Kee Porridge serves theirs with a mix of homemade fish and squid paste.

In other words, you will have varying textures while chewing on bits of fish and squid! Love it!

P.S: Did the greedy in me make me mention everything on the table? Hehe!

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