3 things to do when your flight is delayed

3 things to do when your flight is delayed
Don't fret too much when your flight's been delayed. Instead, try out these handy tips.
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You are with your spouse at the airport, about to leave Singapore for your well-deserved holiday, when about 15 minutes before your plane is scheduled to take off, you hear the announcement: "We are sorry that the flight number XXX will be delayed due to operational issues".

Right, so that's fine for half an hour max, but when there's no announcement of how long it would be delayed, you never know...

Having to keep your cool during a flight delay might be alright for those of us who are not on business trips, but anything longer than an hour starts to become a nightmare.

Other passengers start to become impatient and aggressive, your itinerary may need to be changed, you may miss the last train at your destination, etc.

But the situation is a bit like bad weather, you hate it but can't really do much about it. In situations like this, it may pay off to work on ourselves rather than get mad at the circumstances.

We at GET.com know that this can be an unpleasant experience, which is why we will show you 3 ways to make it better for you and your travelling companion.

1. Always Subscribe To A Travel Insurance

Some people may skip taking out a travel insurance to save money, or don't consider it necessary for a weekend trip. But is it really necessary to get travel insurance?

Let's look at it this way: do you know that some travel credit cards actually provide a free insurance if you use them to pay for your trip? Getting it for free just for using your card really makes getting travel insurance a lot easier (not to mention cheaper).

Taking an insurance is to mitigate the risk of changes to your travel schedule and for potential losses. So it may provide you some comfort during a flight delay to know that at least you have some monetary compensation.

Do however note that there is usually a minimum delay limit in order for compensation to kick in and some policies may not cover delays and flight cancellations due to natural disasters and operational issues by airlines.

2. Make Use Of Your Time Wisely

Most people go on a flight prepared with entertainment to keep themselves occupied during flight time.

If you have a book/magazine or your laptop on hand, why not get some reading done or use the time to learn a few new phrases in the language of your holiday destination?

Since you can't do anything to help the plane go back to operations, you might as well do what you can within your power to make it a more productive time for you.

3. Socialise

If you are travelling with friends or family, take the time of the delay to interact and catch up for lost time.

That's exactly why you are on a holiday together isn't it? Go for a coffee somewhere nearby, play some card games together or simply speak or plan your itinerary together if you haven't already done so.

The delay could also make a good conversation starter with fellow passengers. Who knows who you might meet next?

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