5 unlikely travel destinations that are Instagram-worthy

5 unlikely travel destinations that are Instagram-worthy
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Traveling abroad used to be a retiree's dream. There must be nothing more fulfilling than relaxing and seeing what the world has to offer after working so hard for decades. Now that dream has become more accessible to yuppies thanks to piso fare promos and the rise of the sharing economy, with apps like Uber and Airbnb making travel much more convenient than ever before.

But as ever so fickle millennials, we tend to grow weary of the same old haunts and seek for something new every time. We list down 5 travel destinations you've never heard of before (but should really be part of your bucket list.

1. Anguilla

We're pretty sure we're not the only ones who miss the old Boracay. What used to be crystal clear waters is now coated with green algae and waste from last night's party. Check out the tranquil beaches of Anguilla in the Caribbean, instead. Its calming view of the ocean makes for the perfect #wanderlust moment to share on Facebook.

2. Mongolia

If you're more of an adventurer then you should consider going to Mongolia. A hidden treasure of the East Central Asia, its vast, picturesque landscape urges the explorer in you to just hop on a plane and go. It remains a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts, with the variety of outdoor activities ranging from hiking, horse riding, camel riding to mountain climbing. Just be sure to have Google Maps on so you won't get lost in paradise!

3. Uzbekistan

Revel in a scenery straight out of a movie. Uzbekistan boasts of stunning architectural views thanks to the ancient cities' mosques and memorial buildings. If you're a history buff then you could Google and read up while visiting the Silk Road cities. You may also go shopping at the various local spice markets and bazaars.

4. Bangladesh

Get away from it all and just take a boat ride on one of Bangladesh's many rivers. Visit the world's longest beach, have seven-layer tea with the locals (with the help of your trusty online translator, of course) or even spot tigers in the safari! The choices are endless.

5. Nicaragua

Go Snapchat-crazy and explore the multicolored houses of Granada city or do something as bold as volcano boarding on an active volcano like the Cerro Negro! Whatever it is you choose to do, you'll be sure to have the trip of a lifetime in Nicaragua.

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