Pilots reveal shocking secrets that will change the way you travel

Pilots reveal shocking secrets that will change the way you travel

Have you ever thought that a pilot's job looks easy? A list of secrets compiled by Reader's Digest will change the way you look at the travel industry when you learn the truth of what really happens on and off the plane.

Pilots and professionals in the aviation industry gave straight answers to Reader's Digest on the reasoning behind the safety rules and flight delays, and also shared travel tips that could save lives.

This list of secrets can also give travellers a clearer picture of what goes on behind-the-scenes, and help them be more understanding when their flight plans do not go smoothly as they hoped.

Hate flight delays? Some of the reasons given to passengers during such occurrences could be due to air traffic congestion or even long refueling time.

A First Officer on a regional carrier revealed that some flights get delayed by pilots on purpose so they can simply have the chance to eat.

He shared how pilots work for long hours without even getting meal breaks, and end up delaying the flight so they can have time to grab a bite.

Have you ever gotten annoyed when a flight attendant asks you stow away your gadgets?

Laptops, mobile phones and even a baby can become dangerous to you and other passengers if not firmly secured during a flight.

According to a few pilots, when the plane is flying at such a high speed, any impact or deceleration can cause these objects to fly and injure somebody.

For parents, a pilot warned that it is "extremely dangerous" to travel with a baby on the lap. During turbulence, the parent could lose hold of the baby and the child could become a projectile.

Learn more secrets in the gallery below and find out how they can change the way you travel.


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