The world's most generous and demanding hotel reviewers

The world's most generous and demanding hotel reviewers
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Everyone's a critic these days. No, seriously. Social media has made the proliferation of thoughts - whether on an amateurish or professional capacity - so much easier. recently announced the results of its most recent Travel Smarts survey, which shows the nationalities that give the best - and worst - hotel review scores on average. Guess who emerged the most generous? The Russians. Travellers from the UAE, on the other hand, were the most demanding.

The survey, conducted in July this year, analysed over seven million hotel reviews from travellers all over the world to see which nationalities tend to rate hotels higher or lower than average.

"Travellers from different countries tend to have different review rating standards depending on their travel patterns, spending power, and just general likes and dislikes," said chief operating officer John Brown.

"Our customers are from all over the world so our ratings will reflect the average," he added. The global average review score among travellers is 8.52 out of 10. A hotel's review score is an average of those numbers.

Malaysians appeared to score hotels .12 review points lower than average, while Chinese travellers were more generous, rating hotels .27 points above the average.

But the Russians are the most forgiving, giving hotel scores .56 review points higher than the global average. Egyptian, Irish and Polish travellers also give significantly higher scores. Chinese travellers placed in the top 10, coming in eighth.

The toughest reviewers are travellers from the UAE, who give scores .32 review points lower than average. Japanese, Omani and Indian travellers also give hotel review scores significantly lower than the norm.

Travellers from Spain, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Bahrain, Taiwan and South Korea submit reviews with scores closest to the global average. Their scores fall within .04 points of the norm.

Average review divergence by nationality:

1. Russia 0.56
2. Egypt 0.47
3. Ireland 0.43
4. Poland 0.42
5. Sweden 0.30
6. Philippines 0.29
7. China 0.27
8. Finland 0.19
9. United States 0.18
10. Switzerland 0.13
11. United Kingdom 0.11
12. New Zealand 0.09
13. Netherlands 0.07
14. Australia 0.06
15. Italy 0.05
16. Thailand 0.05
17. Spain 0.03
18. Denmark 0.03
19. Canada 0.02
20. South Africa 0.02
21. Bahrain -0.02
22. Taiwan -0.03
23. South Korea -0.04
24. Brunei Darussalam -0.06
25. Indonesia -0.09
26. Malaysia -0.10
27. France -0.11
28. Saudi Arabia -0.12
29. Kuwait -0.12
30. Singapore -0.12
31. Macau -0.13
32. Norway -0.15
33. Germany -0.16
34. Pakistan -0.17
35. Belgium -0.20
36. Vietnam -0.21
37. Hong Kong -0.22
38. Portugal -0.23
39. Qatar -0.24
40. India -0.28
41. Oman -0.29
42. Japan -0.30
43. United Arab Emirates -0.32

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