You should think twice before visiting any of these 4 forests

You should think twice before visiting any of these 4 forests

The Forest, a film currently showing in Malaysia and Singapore tells the story of a young woman named Sara (played by Natalie Dormer) who goes into the Aokigahara Forest located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, to find her missing twin sister.

However, in doing so, she realises that there a lot more to the forest than its natural beauty as mysterious things start to happen around her.

Aokigahara Forest is also popularly known as the "Suicide Forest", one of the most popular sites for people looking to commit suicide in Japan. Although intriguing, it isn't exactly a place that many tourists dare to venture.

Here are 4 other mysterious forests around the world that you might not want to visit any time soon.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

This place was named after a shepherd who disappeared into the forest one day together with his 200 sheep, never to be found. For local people it is known as the "Bermuda Triangle of Romania".

They believe whoever visits the forest will never return, and for those who have visited the site, many of them end up getting rashes, migraines and nauseous.

There have also been numerous UFO sightings made around the area but that's another story altogether.

Red Forest, Ukraine

The Red Forest is also known as Worm Wood Forest and is located within a 10km radius of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant in Ukraine.

Three decades after the Chernobyl accident (April 26, 1986), the surrounding area remains one of the most contaminated in the world, with more than 90 per cent of radioactive stuff concentrated in the soil.

Over the years, wildlife that have managed to survive in the area have adapted to the high radioactive environment; today, the forest has been labelled as a "Radiological Reserve".

The Amazon rainforest, South America

The green lush rainforest covers an area of 5.4 million sq km of tropical terrain in South America has immense biodiversity and natural beauty. Amazonian wildlife like jaguars, alligators, anacondas and piranhas pose danger to visitors while they are deep (and probably lost) in the jungle.

The Crooked Forest, Poland

Famous for its 90° bend pine trees that are still unknown until today who or what caused it, this forest are home to some of the most dangerous wildlife. Since the temperature is always sub zero there, you may encounter a polar bear or two… and if you do, you better pray that it is in a good mood and not hungry.


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