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The proposed law makes stalking an offence and will cover sexual harassment in and out of the office, as well as certain acts committed outside Singapore. -ST

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Parliament: new court to be set up to hear cross-border commercial cases
Traditional law firm structures are set to change after non-lawyer employees were allowed to become partners, directors, or shareholders. -ST
Parliament: Tragic stories of human trafficking in modern Singapore
MPs from both sides of the House who spoke on Bill say it is timely. -ST
The debate in 2 minutes
Parliament passed five Bills yesterday where changes will affect the legal sector. -ST
The debate in 2 minutes
Bill to combat human trafficking and discussions on Ebola and ISIS were discussed in Parliament yesterday. -ST
The debate in 2 minutes
Recommendations by the Aspire committee to improve ITE and polytechnic vocational education endorsed after 2-day debate. -ST
The debate in 2 minutes
The session saw the swearing in of nine new Nominated Members of Parliament. -ST


2 Bills pave way for city beneath city
Two Bills were introduced in Parliament to clarify ownership rights to underground and above-ground space and to allow for the acquisition of this space. -ST
The debate in 2 minutes
Six Bills were passed yesterday and issues such as free Wi-Fi service at MRT stations and ageing lifts were covered. -ST