This pendant is perfect for those lazy to type

This pendant is perfect for those lazy to type
PHOTO: Senstone

A new Kickstarter-funded jewellery-based device makes it possible to convert your ideas into text.

Senstone was devised by a team of programmers in the Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Kiev and transforms the user's voice into notes stored on their phone or tablet.

A small pendant with a diameter of 3 centimetres, the Senstone records the user's voice and modifies it into printed texts sorted by topics created by the owner.

The device recognises twelve languages, including Ukrainian and English. It works by users pressing a button on the Senstone, with a series of tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs) flashing to indicate that recording is taking place.

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Pressing the button again terminates the recording and the LEDs stop flashing accordingly. Senstone Inc co-founder and CEO, Nazar Fedorchuk, told Reuters: "It's relatively small.

It records your voice once you tap it and converts it into text notes. The good thing about it - it can work anywhere, you can do it on the go while walking, driving, hiking, when your hands are busy or in any other situation."

A Senstone Android or iOS app on the user's phone or tablet will sync with the Senstone automatically via Bluetooth. The sound files are downloaded and speech is automatically transcribed, although clear speech is advised to prevent errors.

Its makers believe the Senstone is ideal for taking notes on the move and dictating letters.

A Kickstarter campaign that ran to the end of February easily raised the required $50,000 USD funding. The team worked on the device for almost two years.

Co-founder of the project Markiyan Matsekh says the team is going to develop the gadget further. "We can teach Senstone to better understand language and integrate with other applications," he said.

"We can tailor the Senstone for few specific scenarios like travel or for fashion people or for medical sight - like for AGHD (adult growth hormone deficiency) or impaired people."

Senstone designer Yuriy Kyryliv, described the product as "a sort of alien's stone which records your thoughts and saves the moment when idea comes up to you and you have a short amount of time to write it down."

Lviv-based writer Hrygoriy Semenchuk tried the Senstone out for size in Lviv city centre. "My first impressions are that it's interesting," he said.

"It's one more gadget in our daily life and one needs to get used to it. I think there will be more and more things like this in our lives. I feel pleased that it was created by Ukrainians, by Lviv residents."

Additional funds collected during the crowdfunding campaign will help to produce more gadgets and extend their functionality.

The team has submitted documents to secure a patent in the US They hope the first batch of products will be available in July.

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