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SGD$41,000 offer to Thai Army to meditate

Quantum physicist John Hagelin proposed funding for the army to apply a programme using unified field-based technologies and transcendental meditation. -The Nation/ANN

Sun, Jun 09, 2013
The Nation/Asia News Network

World-renowned quantum physicist and 1994 Nobel Peace Prize winner, John Hagelin, proposed $1 million (S$41,323) in funding for the Thai Army to apply a programme that uses unified field-based technologies and transcendental meditation, proven to reduce crime, violence, and terrorism.

Hagelin, also President of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP), presented the programme's successful results in various countries including the Middle East at a press event yesterday with Rajapark College rector Rajavikram Aditya Charoen-rajapark.

Hagelin said the use of quantum physics and transcendental meditation let the part of brain that created negative behaviour to relax and thus cut crime and terrorist attacks in countries where a certain number of people practise the programme.

He said GUSP thus offered $1 million for the Thai government to get 1,000 Thai Army troops to try the programme, which lasts about two months.

He said after troops had done the programme there would be less violence in 60 days. He will soon meet with Defence Minister ACM Sukhampol Suwannatat to discuss the idea. Rajavikram said the idea could help reduce unrest in the far South.

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