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Armless girl's struggle a moral story to learn from

The 7-year-old girl who was born without arms has captured the attention of Malaysia's Moral Education Curriculum Commitee. -mysinchew/ANN

Sun, Jun 13, 2010
mysinchew/Asia News Network

ALOR SETAR, MALAYSIA: The unwavering struggle of Huang Zhaoqian, a 7-year-old girl born without arms, to live her life and get an education has captured the attention of Malaysia's Moral Education Curriculum Committee.

The committee intends to include her story in next year's Standard One moral education textbook with the hope of encouraging other unfortunate people to live their lives courageously.

Little Zhaoqian and her mother Li Aiyun have agreed to the committee's proposal. They hope Zhaoqian's courage and spirit can inspire people not to get discouraged or give up in the face of adversity.

Eager to see her own story on book

Cute little Zhaoqian agreed to let her story inspire other people and happily asked her mom: "Where? Where? I want to see, I want to see?!"

Her mother smiled and said, "That's next year's Standard One text book! It isn't out yet."

Zhaoqian can only look forward to the start of next academic year, when she will be able to see her own story on Standard One moral education textbook.

The committee recently paid a visit to the Sin Chew Daily headquarters to collect news reports and photographs of Zhaoqian. Following that, a committee member called up her mother Li Aiyun and informed her they wished to include Zhaoqian's story in next year's moral education textbook, and would like to seek her approval.

Consent letter for signing

Li Aiyun told Sin Chew Daily when a member from the Moral Education Curriculum Committee approached her for Zhaoqian's particulars and photos, she told him he could get the information directly from Sin Chew.

"The committee member said they would not visit us directly, but would send us a consent letter for signing, which we have yet to receive."

Li Aiyun said, if Zhaoqian's spirit could inspire other handicapped people, she and her daughter would be happy to have her story on the textbook.

Li: Zhaoqian's story must not be misused

Li said she would not object if Zhaoqian's experiences could be turned into an educational material to inspire other people. However she is also cautious against the misuse of her child's story, especially with so many different kinds of scams around, and would therefore not deliberately hand out any information about Zhaoqian.

Li said Zhaoqian was noticed by the media on her first day of school and was subsequently interviewed, adding that she had never taken the initiative to contact the media.

Once the news of her child came to light, newspapers, magazines, television stations, etc. paid them endless visits, triggering negative criticisms from some people that she had intentionally thrust her child in the limelight.

She said as a mother she did not want endless visits by the media, and would first seek Zhaoqian's consent each time before the media visit.

"Zhaoqian has a lot of homework to do every day since she started Standard One. She is also confused why so many journalists visit her and ask her the same questions. This has slowly become a nuisance to her."

Some media organisations have offered to set up a fund for Zhaoqian, but Li has turned them down, as she feels her daughter does not need any surgery, and there is no need for financial assistance at this moment. -mysinchew/ANN

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