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Student's body found in closet

The body was already decomposed. -AsiaOne

Wed, Dec 16, 2009

A DECOMPOSED body of a 24-year-old female student was found in a wardrobe at the Queensway Student Hostel Tuesday morning.

The student is a Vietnamese woman by the name of Nguyen Cao Minh Ngoc and currently studying at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). She arrived in Singapore about two months ago.

According to her friend, Ms Nguyen had reportedly gone out with her friends on Friday. She then returned to her room around 7pm and was chatting online.

The next day, at approximately 7am, they noticed that she had posted a sad Vietnamese song onto her social networking site. She also stopped attending lessons over the next few days.

Her friends thought she had fallen sick and tried contacting her, but were not able to get in touch with her.

Shin Min Daily News reported that her boyfriend had also tried contacting her for three days and was not able to get her. He then decided to look for her at the hostel and that was when he noticed a foul smell from the room.

He informed the hostel employee, who then forced the door open and found the victim's body in the wardrobe. She is believed to have been deceased for over two days.

No weapons were found in her room and she did not suffer from any injuries. Police did not find any suicide note and the room was not ransacked.

The Chinese evening dailies also reported that residents who lived in the vicinity heard people arguing on Monday evening. A resident who lives on the ninth floor of the nearby HDB block said that he saw a group of men and women arguing downstairs.

Authorities have classified Ms Nguyen's death as unnatural and are currently investigating the case.

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