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Stories include female student found dead in closet and S'porean family kidnapped. -AsiaOne

Wed, Dec 16, 2009


- Female student's body found in closet

- Old man charged with attempted suicide

- Embassy car involved in hit-and-run was stolen car. Groom confirmed brain-dead this morning

- Najib's wife: If women are in power, there won't be financial crisis

- Pandan Road work-site accident: Man pinned under 60-tonne crane may be paralysed

- Dawson units for multi-generation living arrangement going for $810k

- Almost 30,000 people are barred from casinos here

- Single mom sent to jail for scam: Had 6 children with 2 men

- Foreigners should take the initiative to blend in, Singaporeans say

- Man dumps gambler wife, leaving 17-year-old daughter to take care of the family

- Woman, 59, hurls expletives at cops after being denied bail for boyfriend

- Hot pot restaurant owner smashes woman's head with glass

- 20-year-old had sex with girlfriend 6 times; blackmails her with nude pictures for $500


- Singapore businessman and family kidnapped

- Malaysia's 20-litre fuel restriction kicks in today

- Now that cellphone users need not pay the full sum of early termination charge, will there still be zero-dollar cellphones?

- Uni grads out of job for at least 6 months triple in one year

- Teen, 15, suspect for 12 molest cases

- Better economy, rising COE prices: Japanese cars not selling hot as usual

- Casket widened at the eleventh hour to accommodate body of overweight man

- Dawson's $660k flats can be resold for above $1m, says market observer

- Jetstar's inaugural flight from Singapore to Haikou today: Just 4 hours 20 minutes

- Jail and cane for man who punched duo

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