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Men openly molest girl but no one helps

Instead onlookers filmed or took photos of the incident. -STOMP

Mon, Jan 04, 2010

Four men were caught on camera openly molesting a bikini-clad woman at Sentosa's countdown party.

The incident took place on a stage in front of a crowd. Many onlookers were captured filming and taking photographs of the incident.

Yet no one helped her.

The girl appears to be intoxicated and from her actions, it seems like she could not fend for herself.

Several internet users highlighted this video which was posted on and said it occurred at the countdown beach party at Sentosa.

Netizens are currently debating the incident. Some have expressed their anger towards those who did not help her but seemed content filming the incident.

Netizen Thinkoutloud said "Its becoming sick that people are more concerned on watching and video taping rather to stand up and help.

"A simple shout to call for police or asking them to stop seem suddenly an impossible task.

In an email to citizen journalism website, STOMP, Veronica, said, "No one was there to help her but yet were taking photos and videos of the incident!"

Others insist the girl is at fault for dressing in such a manner and getting drunk. Said netizen ryooiken74, "Do not put the blame on the man only, the women should shoulder some blame too.

"Dressed in a bikini and some more got drunk. Easy prey for the men."


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