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Hit-and-run incident: What the police said

Investigations will be forwarded to AGC for consultation. -AsiaOne

Tue, Jan 05, 2010

In response to media queries on the hit-and run accident on 15 Dec 2009, the Police must always conduct its investigation with professional thoroughness and meticulous care to ensure the collection of all pertinent evidence.

In this case, a team of investigators has painstakingly followed every lead and analysed all forensic findings.

They have also established the identities of relevant parties, including witnesses who stepped forward as well as those identified in the course of field inquiries, and are ascertaining the veracity of all information given.

The Investigation Paper on completion will be forwarded to Attorney-General's Chambers for consultation on the appropriate course of action to be taken.

While the Police understand the natural interest the public may have on this case, the Police must conduct itself professionally and lawfully and not make premature or inappropriate comments or disclosures when a case is under active investigation.

This rule applies to all cases under investigation and not just this one.

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