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Angry ice-cream vendor attacks woman with walking stick

A reader, who witnessed and filmed the incident, expressed his�disappoinment of such ugly behaviour. -AsiaOne

Tue, Oct 12, 2010

Ice-cream seller attacks woman with her walking stick
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An angry ice-cream vendor was filmed attacking a woman with a walking stick yesterday afternoon outside the vicinity of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, reported STOMP.

The reader, who witnessed and filmed the incident, said that it was embarrassing to see such ugly behaviour happening at the ICA.

In the video, two ice-cream vendors were seen scolding a middle-aged woman who was standing at their makeshift ice-cream cart. When things got heated up, the elderly lady began using her walking stick to hit the woman.

Unable to prevent the elderly from attacking her, the woman threw a child pram back at her in her defense.

Then, she escapes across the road but the elderly vendor gave chase and shouted out to her: "Don't run!"

Her male companion continued to hurl vulgarities at the woman.

The incident happened at about 5pm in the evening.

The reader recounted the experience, saying:  "I just bought ice-cream from the vendor outside the ICA building when I heard a loud noise.

"When I turned back, I saw the ice-cream vendor whacking another elderly lady with her walking stick.

"It is miserable to see something like this happen outside the ICA building, which is commonly visited by many tourists and foreigners.

"It gives a bad impression of our society and culture.

"This happened in a public place, just by the walkway to the MRT.

"The ice-cream man was shouting vulgarities and encouraging the old lady to hit the woman hard.

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