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Why have extra lessons after school hours?

Are we putting primary school pupils under undue stress? -myp

Thu, Jan 21, 2010
my paper

MY CHILD is in East Spring Primary School and received a consent form for attendance at mathematics supplementary classes from 2pm to 3pm, followed by English classes from 3pm to 4pm every Monday.

My daughter has only two hours of school on Thursdays, as contact time for teachers and co-curricular activities are held after 9.30am.

Are we not putting primary school pupils under undue stress by making them stay back beyond the usual dismissal time of 1.30pm on one or two days a week?

This also causes problems with transport arrangements.

Could the Ministry of Education look into the matter and explore if there is a need for supplementary lessons after school hours when there are so few lessons on Thursdays?



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