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Weightage should be flexible

Flexible scheme to cater to all pupils' strengths in PSLE gradings. -myp

Tue, Apr 27, 2010
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REDUCING mother-tongue weightage in the PSLE will help pupils with lesser language abilities, but not those with lesser abilities in other subjects.

We must recognise that all pupils have individual strengths and weaknesses.

Some are weak in science or in languages not because they have not put in effort.

We must have a flexible scheme to cater to all pupils' strengths.

I suggest the following solutions, based on four PSLE subjects.

Consider only the top three subjects that pupils score best in.

It should not be compulsory for any particular subject to be included. Let a pupil's best two subjects carry 40 per cent weightage each.

The next subject which the pupil scores highest in could be weighted at 20 per cent, and the last-ranked subject need not be weighted at all.

The above percentages are arbitrary and could be adjusted, after careful studies.

Perhaps the weightages of subjects at O level and A level examinations should be reviewed too.


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